10 interesting facts about ravindra jadeja. Star all rounder.

ravindra jadeja has been a critical player from the Indian group unexpected since 2013 and his capacity to contribute in each of the 3 format, batting, bowling and handling, has done marvels for Team India in international cricket. Jadeja has been viewed as a ‘Rockstar’ with the capacity to convey for the group in pretty much every game. 
In this article we are going to discuss about ravindra jadeja information or 10 interesting facts about ravindra jadeja.

His helpful lower-request batting has got India out of the jaws of death on a couple of events. Jadeja’s remarkable lethargic left-arm bowling, particularly in the sub-landmass has got individuals anticipating that he should be pretty much as great as a full-time bowler additionally being somebody who can score those 30s and 40s lower down the request.
So Let’s Start Our Topic 10 interesting facts about ravindra jadeja.

Here are 10 interesting facts about ravindra jadeja.

1). Jadeja Played Two Under 19 World Cup.

Jadeja is among the couple of Indian players who have played two Under-19 World Cups. Truth be told, in the two competitions India went into the last. In 2006, India were beaten by Pakistan in the last. Notwithstanding, in 2008, Jadeja was a piece of Virat Kohli s Winning team.

2). Nicknames of Jadeja.

Jadeja was at first given the moniker of Rockstar by Shane Warne while he was at the Rajasthan Royals. However, when he came to the Indian group, his partners began calling him Jaddu. Be that as it may, maybe the most famous moniker is Sir which was offered to him by the audience and media. It got going on a deigning note, yet got now has achieved good tones after he reliably conveyed game dominating exhibitions. 

3). Horse Lover.

Jadeja has two horses, named Ganga and Kesar. Those horses are positioned at his farmhouse close to Jamnagar. 

4). Jaddu loves Sports Cars.

Like any young fellow, Jadeja likes to carry on with exciting and fun living. He has an Audi A4. On the vehicle s boot, the word Ravi is recorded, as expressed by the Rhiti Sports site. Like his partner Shikhar Dhawan, Jadeja likewise claims the fancy Suzuki Hayabusa.

5). Owner of Luxury Restaurant.

Jadeja possesses an Luxury Restaurant in Rajkot called Jaddu s Food Field. He had told “However I hail from Jamnagar, I’ve an exceptional connection for Rajkot. This present city’s kin are especially enamored with food and different rarities and subsequently the choice to begin an restaurant in Rajkot.” 

6). His Sister keep working as a Nurse.

In spite of Jadeja s popularity and fame, his sister Naina keeps on functioning as a nurse. she expressed that Jadeja has requested that she quit a couple of times, however she keeps on going to work. Additionally, she doesn’t go in luxury and inclines toward public vehicle. Naina has been similar to a second mother to him and has dedicated her life to his prosperity after their mom s passing. 

7). His Lucky Number is 12.

Jadeja feels that the No 12 is fortunate for him. He wears the shirt No 12, however he additionally ensured that his restaurant was introduced on December 12, 2012. He said he feels it is fortunate as he was brought into the world in December and was additionally chosen for the Indian Test side that very month in the year 2012. 

8). Marriage of Jaddu.

Jadeja got married to Riva Solanki, a designing alumni hailing from the Junaghad region of Gujarat, in a great function. In front of their marriage, Jadeja hit the features when his dad in-law gifted him a sumptuous Audi Q7 vehicle. 

9). Jadeja leaped to the No.1 spot in the bowlers’ positioning.

In 2013, Jadeja leaped to the No.1 spot in the bowlers’ positioning. He turned into the first Indian bowler since Anil Kumble to top the rankings in ODIs. He additionally turned into the fourth Indian bowler to do as such get-togethers Dev, Maninder Singh and Kumble. After four years, he rose to the No.1 spot in the Test bowler’s positioning and furthermore turned into the No.1 all-rounder in the more extended organization.

10). His dad Dreams.

Anirudhsinh needed his Ravindra to learn at the Army School. Jadeja s sister Naina uncovered in a talk. it was their mom who upheld Ravindra to seek after his cricketing desires.


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