10 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu of India.

Wants to know Some Amazing and shocking facts about Mahatma Gandhi. Then you are at the right article because here you will get to know 10 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu of India.
Mahatma Gandhi, known as “ Bapu” across the world, is one of India’s topmost leaders. Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals of ahimsa (non-violence) and verity played a vital part in not just the Indian freedom struggle but also inspired leaders across the world. To recognize the “ Father Of The Nation”, October 2-his birthday,-is celebrated across the country. 
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat. In 1893, he travelled to South Africa to exercise law and latterly spent 21 times in the country. In South Africa, he faced demarcation on the base of his heritage and skin colour. Latterly, he protested against ethnical isolation in the country. 
So Let’s Start our Today’s Topic 10 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu of India. So Read the Full Article.

Here are the 10 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu of India.

1). When Gandhiji was boarding a train, one of his shoes slipped and fell on the track. Bapu incontinently removed the other one too and threw it near the first. His intention is clear, the person who plant the shoes can make use of it. 

2). In 1931, Bapu made his first radio broadcasting for the USA. Did you know, what were his first words?” Do I’ve to speak into this thing?”
3). We will know, how prestigious is the Time Magazine’s’ Man of the Time’or’Person of the Time’. But do you know? Mahatma Gandhi is the only Indian till moment to achieve the’Person of the Time’for his movements Salt Satyagraha or Dandi March in 1930. 
4). Gandhi commanded 21 Indian levies as stretcher deliverer to treat wounded British dogfaces in Bambatha Uprising (Zulu rebellion or war against British rule in South Africa) in 1906. 
5). In 1948, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Due to his assassination, before nominations closed, the Nobel Committee decided not to award the peace prize for that time stating that”there was no suitable living seeker”. 

6). Mahatma Gandhi was chosen as the alternate runner-up for the Time magazine’s’Person of the Century’ title in 1999. Still, Albert Einstein was chosen for the title as the 20th century is dominated by the wisdom and technology besides he serves as a symbol of all the scientists. 
7). In South Africa, Gandhiji’s income is fifteen thousand bones at that time which is a dream to utmost of us moment. 
8). Henry Ford, the author of Ford Motor Company, is one of the Gandhi followers in the USA. He used to spin the’charkha’which was transferred by Gandhi through a intelligencer emissary. 
9). Do you know, Friday is substantially associated with Gandhi’s life. India got independence on Friday. Still, Bapu was born and assassinated on a Friday. 
10). When Gandhi went to Santiniketan, he wished Rabindranath Tagore‘Namesthe Gurudev’. Tagore replied spontaneously,‘If I’m Gurudev you’re Mahatma,’which latterly came the prefix of Gandhi. 


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