5 unknown stories of Tata, which you did not even know about it.

Wants to know Some Amazing and unknown story of TATA. Then you are at the right article because here you will get to know 5 unknown stories of Tata, which you did not even know about it.

Do you know which is the most respectable brand of our country. Yes, Tata is the most respectable brand of our country but no one tells you that how Tata helped our country to win their first Gold medal and how Tata helped our nuclear industry grow. There is such a secret contribution of Tata, whose stories is not known to the whole world, so today we will tell you 5 such unknown stories of Tata, in you did not even know about it. So let’s start and read the full article.

JRD Tata

Here are 5 Unknown Story of TATA

1). How TATA Helps us for our First Gold Medal.

Tata was the biggest in getting India the first gold medal, but you know how Sir Dorabji Tata himself was an athlete and Sir Dorabji Tata believed that India could also produce world class athletes, so Tata himself sponsored India in the 1920 Olympics. But in 1920, India could not win a single gold medal, after four years India did not win a single medal in the 1924 Olympics, but for the first time in the 1928 Olympics, India won the gold medal in hockey after four years. This dream of India would not have been fulfilled if Tata did not support India till the Olympics, nowadays we feel proud to see whoever brings gold medals for India.

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2). Gifts a Precious Diamond for his wife

Sir Dorabji Tata loves his wife very much. Once on Valentine’s Day he gifted his wife a diamond twice as big as the Kohinoor but unfortunately that time tata steel was facing heavy loss in the industry. Sir dorabji Tata sold his personal jewellery to pay debt his wife sold her jewelery without any hesitation but unfortunately his wife died of cancer Sir Dorabji Tata built a memorable hospital for India to remember his wife Yes at Tata Memorial Hospital. Even today 70% of cancer patients are treated for free.


3). JRD Tata was the first licensed Pilot of India.

Do you know that India’s first license pilot is none other than Jrd Tata The Tata Airlines was started in the year 1932 and the airline’s first commercial flight landed from Karachi to Mumbai and the pilot of the flight was none other than Jrd Tata later the name of Tata Airlines Changed it to Air India and the government took a decision in which all the airlines of India would be controlled by the government that’s why Tata had to lose Air India from his hands.

4). Start a brand Lakme for the country when needed.

India got independence in the year 1947, but the economy of the country was not special. beauty products in India meant a lot of imports and exports were negligible in India Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru Nehru approached Sab Dorabji Tata to start a domestic cosmetic brand and they start a company inspired by Laxmi, started a company called Lakme.

Ratan Tata

5). Acquired Tetley in 2000 and give Signal that India has arrived.

In 2000, the BBC wrote an artistically titled that was honour of whole india that Tetley was acquired by the Tatas of India. At the time Tata Tea was valued at $100 million and Tetley was valued at $300 million Yah the deal was a signal to the whole world that India has come.

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