North Korea Bans Laughing. Why they Bans Laughing ?

  1. North Korea Bans Laughing. Why they Bans Laughing ? So let’s Start our Today’s Topic. Read the Full Article.

Can you imagine?

Laughing has now been banned in North Korea. It doesn’t seem believable. That even in this time and age, there are countries where people aren’t even free to laugh. The thing is, their dictator, Kim Jong Un, it is his father’s 10th Death Anniversary. So for the next 11 days he’ll be mourning it.
That’s why no citizen in the country is allowed to laugh during this period. Actually, friends, the dictatorship in North Korea is a dictatorship by a dynasty. A family is the one controlling this dictatorship. The family members become the next dictator. It is quite different from countries like China. In China, the dictatorship is by a party. And anyone can become a member of the party,
And theoretically, anyone can reach the top of the party and can occupy the position of the dictator. But in North Korea, the dictatorship is similar to the monarchy from the days bygone.

When it is Started

It began in 1948. With Kim Il Sung. He was in power till 1994. Followed by Kim Jong Il, his son He died in 2011, Succeeded by the present dictator his son, Kim Jong Un. Since all their names start with Kim, I don’t want you to get confused, that’s why to keep it simplified, I’ll address them as Kiddo Kim, Papa Kim and Grandpa Kim.
In 2011, Papa Kim, unfortunately, passed away due to a heart attack. The Korean Central News Agency of North Korea reported that when he passed away, the oncoming snowstorm simply paused. The storm just stopped as soon as he died.
And then they reported that their sacred mountain Mount Paektu, the sky above this mountain shone in red colour. You can see their impactful reporting here. They continue with the ice on a very famous lake cracking so rapidly that its sound reverberated throughout the sky and the ground. As if the Grim Reaper was honoured to escort Papa Kim to the afterlife in a military tank.
You might doubt these. But no one can question the true reporting of the Korean Central News Agency. Every child in North Korea knows that anyone questioning would be sent to visit Papa Kim in the heavens. Anyway, it is his 10th Death Anniversary. And every year, his Death Anniversary is mourned for 10 days. But since this is his 10th Death Anniversary, this year, it will be mourned for 11 days.
North Korea Dictator

Whats they Say when Asked

Radia Free Asia asked a North Korean about the exact rules for it. He said that not only is laughing banned for these 11 days, but drinking alcohol is also banned, doing any kind of leisure activity is also banned as in anything that makes you happy all such activities are banned for this period. If your birthday is on one of these 11 days, you cannot celebrate your birthday either. It is banned too.

I’m not joking, friends. These are the actual rules. Apart from this, if during these 11 days,

if your family member dies, you aren’t even allowed to cry loudly. Because Papa Kim’s Death Anniversary is more important than the death of your family member. And if you cry loudly, it will be a distraction. You need to let others mourn the Death Anniversary properly. You can bury the dead body only after these 11 days.
Another thing, you aren’t even allowed to go grocery shopping on the day when Papa Kim passed away. On 17th December. I am not making this up. These are the exact rules that are defined. Don’t be shocked. Isn’t Papa Kim’s death 10 years ago
More important than you getting groceries?
You need to think of the country first. If you go hungry one day, it wouldn’t kill you. The soldiers are on the border, fighting, and you can’t even go hungry for one day. Think of your country. Think of Papa Kim. One thing that I would like to criticise, friends that I didn’t like at all, is that they’ve set aside 10 or 11 days to mourn for Papa Kim, But when it’s Grandpa Kim’s Death Anniversary, it’s mourned for only 1 week.

Can you imagine it?

Only one week’s mourning period for Grandpa Kim. And for Papa Kim, it goes on for 10 days or 11 days.

How can Kiddo Kim be so unfair?

In fact, you wouldn’t believe it, friends, Kiddo Kim named a flower after Papa Kim. As you can see here. This is the Kimjongilia flower. But nothing as such was done for Grandpa Kim.

Why is he so unfair to Grandpa Kim?

Grandpa Kim is the elder, so he should be respected more than Papa Kim. Another thing here, friends, that Kiddo Kim didn’t like at all, is the fashion style of Kiddo Kim. Others started copying it. The style of leather coat that he wears, the citizens of the country started buying similar leather coats. Kiddo Kim feels quite insecure about things like these.
That’s why there’s a new rule that no one can wear the same or similar clothes as worn by Kiddo Kim. For this, he has appointed Fashion Police in the country. They’ll patrol the roads to see whether the citizens are wearing such clothes or not. If someone is caught wearing the same or copycat clothes, their clothes will be confiscated on the spot. It is the least that can be expected of the citizens of the country. They can do at least this much for their country. Enough joking though. If I am serious about it, friends, all the rules I told you about. I didn’t make them up. These actually exist. And you’ll be shocked to know that there are many people in North Korea, who are not shocked by these rules. They blindly follow these rules And they do not think that these rules are weird.
That it is their duty as citizens. Because they are brainwashed to such an extent, that they see their Dictator as a Supreme Leader. As a God. If you listen to their stories,
the common citizens of North Korea that escaped the country where they got the chance to share their story with the rest of the world, they reveal how they lived in fear constantly that even if a negative thought popped up in their mind about their dictator, they would be scared that the dictator would get to know about it. So they couldn’t even allow bad thoughts in their mind, about the Dictator.
“They like, they brainwash us since our birth, and they tell us that Kims are Gods. So that I will think that Kim Jong Un can read my mind. And I thought that if I think bad things, he’s gonna kill me. Because he can read my thoughts.” They believed that their Dictator can read the minds of the people. Imagine if you grew up in such an environment where you weren’t even free to think.
“There’s no work for Love, in North Korea. There’s no word for Liberty. There’s no word for Human Rights. So if you don’t know that you have the right to have a free hairstyle, that you have the right to travel,

How do you demand it?

So simply, we don’t know that human beings have rights, and just what it means to be free.” How would even the thought of questioning things come into your mind? That you can see things from another perspective. When you’re always told that the government will tell you when to laugh, the government will tell you when to cry, when you should cheer, the government will tell you that too. This is an apt example of the rest of the world how extreme form of brainwashin and extreme form of dictatorship can affect a country. The exact way how the dictators brainwash people. If you want to know more about it. I talked about it in detail in the video on Hitler. How Hitler had brainwashed the Germans.
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The Reason behind Communal Riots. How to Stops it.

Communal riots are the real disaster in the country. So come and see The Reason behind Communal Riots. How to Stops it.
For the last few days, news of religious riots has been pouring in from many places in the country. Riots, caused in the name of religion. Jahangirpur in Delhi, Karauli in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Karnataka. But these are only the latest examples.
We are seeing a general trend for the last several years, where people are increasingly getting more hateful in the name of religion Minister of State for Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai informed the Parliament, during the period from 2016 to 2020, there were about 3,400 communal riots. Communal / Religious Riots.
So let’s start our Today’s Topic The Reason behind Communal Riots. How to Stops it. So Read the Full Article.

A pattern is emerging from these riots

A mob carries weapons and swords and takes out a rally, some of them would then insult other religions, some would throw stones, some would claim that outsiders were brought in specifically for rioting, some politicians and ‘religious’ people would give violent speeches. 
And when the riots are over, some heartwarming stories would come up, how a Hindu protected their Muslim neighbours, or how a Muslim protected their Hindu neighbours. The question here is that

why is this happening?

I’m not talking about any specific riot, I’m talking about the general trend. Who is responsible for this? And what can be the solution to it? Friends, I won’t be answering these questions in this video.
But these questions have been answered 100 years ago. By no one else that our Freedom Fighter Martyr Bhagat Singh. In June 1928, Bhagat Singh wrote an article for the Kirti Magazine. Communal Riots and Their Solutions. Bhagat Singh gave a detailed analysis of this. And you’d be surprised to know,
the situation in India at that time, it’s still the same now, not much has changed. Each point that Bhagat Singh talked about, remains valid to date. Come, let’s understand them in this video. “Communal clashes in several states on Ram Navami, which was on Sunday, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh.”
“Incidents of stone-pelting and vandalism broke out late last night.” “The communal violence was seen in as many as seven states. And now, Jahangirpuri in Northwest Delhi continues to be tensed today.” “Similar patterns of communal tensions and clashes soaring in Karnataka’s Hubbali city after violent clashes broke out last night. There Section 144 has been imposed.”
Bhagat Singh began his article by acknowledging that India’s condition was worsening. People had started seeing their neighbours as enemies. Simply because of their religion.
In his article, he writes about 4 direct reasons as to why it was happening.
First: the communal mindset of some people. He cites the example of the riots in Lahore. Where rioters from all religions killed innocent people from all religions. The people who died were from each of the religions, but were innocent. And the rioters were from all religions too. Singh claims that the justification of the rioters is that people from their religion were killed by people from other religions. And that their riot was mere self-defence. Bhagat Singh points out that there is no logic to the justification. People who die in the riots aren’t criminals. Neither does rioting a mob kill a person, because he had done some wrong. In riots, people are brutalised simply based on their religion. A Hindu or a Muslim kills the other person based on whether
the other person is a Hindu or a Muslim. The mob isn’t concerned with anything else. Bhagat Singh says that the communal riots had shamed India on the world stage. And that the country’s future seemed very bleak.
Second: The second reason stated by him is the Herd Mentality of the people. Some people pick up sticks, rods, swords, knives, simply to maintain their dominance. When a Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh, sees a person from his religion arming himself, he can’t keep calm and gets swept up in the emotions. Thus forming a part of the mob.
Bhagwati Charan Vohra and Bhagat Singh, in the manifesto of Naujawan Bharat Sabha, discussed a point related to this. They expressed utter disappointment on how easy it is to hurt people’s feelings in the name of religion. If a branch of a peepal tree breaks, a Hindu is provoked by it. Even if the smallest piece of the Tazia breaks, a Muslim is angered.
They claim that humans should be more important than animals at least. But in our country, people are willing to behead another person, in the name of ‘sacred animals.’
In their manifesto, they had said that how religious superstition and bigotry, are obstacles to our progress. Moving on, 
Third: in the third point,  Bhagat Singh blames the communal politicians. He said that the situation then was such that
some politicians had openly become communal. They give inflammatory speeches which directly give rise to the riots. He also clarified that there were some politicians who were concerned about it.
And that they weren’t able to speak up against it. Because the communal way of thinking was becoming inescapable in the country. There was a strong influx of communality. So even the ones concerned had to keep their heads down  and remain quiet.
Fourth: In his fourth point, Bhagat Singh blamed the media. He said that journalism was once a respectable profession. But by then, it had become a dirty mess. With big, bold headlines on the front page of the newspapers,
more hatred was spread about people in the name of religion. Multiple times it had happened that something was printed in the newspaper which led to the riots.
Today, the same role is played by the TV media. In his article, Bhagat Singh goes on to list the real duty of the newspapers. To educate people. To stop the hatred among the masses. And to spread communal harmony and brotherhood. Feelings of communal harmony and mutual trust should be incited in people so that a common nationalism could be promoted. But the newspapers were doing the exact opposite. About which Bhagat Singh had written, he cries tears of blood when he sees all those things happening.
He reminisces about the days of the Non-Cooperation Movement. When the independence they dreamt of was almost in the grasp of our country.
The country’s independence was almost realised. But at the time of writing the article, Independence seemed far fetched.  Because of the riots, the system and bureaucracy had strengthened their roots. By that, he meant the British Raj. Bhagat Singh then writes that the four reasons he stated were the direct reasons behind the communal riots. But greater than these, there was a fundamental reason for the communal riots in the country.
He claims that the reason was the Economic Factors. Here, he cited Karl Marx, who said that everything in the world happens because of economic factors. History bears witness that when people are starving, jobless, and frustrated, this frustration can either be channelised, so that there can be a revolution, such as during the French Revolution.
I have made a detailed video on the French Revolution. When the famines led to thousands of women coming out on the streets to protest against their monarch. But if the frustration is not channelised, it can lead to riots in the country. People would start fighting among themselves,
there would be an increase in communal disharmony, and then dictators would rise from that. Yup, you heard that right. Hitler’s popularity rose in Germany, following an economic depression.  Large-scale bank failures, unemployment, economic instability, and frustration, people started trusting a person who took the country to more disasters.
And later, it led to the World War. Now, this was my two cents, when Bhagat Singh had written this article, Hitler hadn’t risen to power on the scale that we know of. But Bhagat Singh wrote that the economic situation in India had deteriorated a lot. And that it was the fundamental reason due to which the communal riots were on the rise. And because the reason for the communal riots was economic, its solution has to be economic too. Simply speaking, Bhagat Singh said that there was a dire need to improve the economic condition of the people.
He adds that it was very difficult to do that given the circumstances then. Because the government wasn’t interested in improving the economic condition of the people. Keep in mind that the was talking about the ruling government of his time.
The British India government. For this exact reason, people needed to band together, and protest against the government. So that either the government takes an action, or the government is changed. So that the foreign government could be thrown out. But it leads to another question. When people are so busy fighting among themselves,

how can they fight the government?

How can people be stopped from fighting among themselves? Bhagat Singh claimed that the solution was class consciousness. They need to raise awareness among the people. The poor labourers and farmers had to realise that they should not be influenced by the speeches of hate-mongering politicians and ‘religious’ leaders.
So that they are not fooled. Irrespective of their race, colour, and religion. Or even their nationality. “The poor of the world regardless of race, colour, religion, or nation have the same rights.”
They need to band together to overthrow the government  and to fight for their rights. And these poor people have nothing left to lose. And their freedom to win. Here, you might be wondering, about why Bhagat Singh was focusing so much on the poor people in his article.

Why was he not talking about everyone?

Why was he talking about the poor workers and farmers only? There’s a simple reason for it, friends. It’s something that you can notice even today, in all these communal riots, in all the riots that are happening nowadays,
where are they taking place?
They aren’t happening in Lutyens Zone, Delhi. Jahangirpuri is a poor area in Delhi. There are many slums around it. The riots that we saw in the last few days, most of them were at places where poor people live. And these poor people become the victims of the riots. In any religious riot, have you ever seen a Hindu politician or a Muslim politician fighting? These politicians duel each other. You will never get to see this happen. Not only the politicians. In the riots, have you ever seen

A Hindu businessman or a Muslim businessman coming to fight in the riot?

Armed with sticks and fighting. You will never see this. Any Hindu or Muslim who has a good job, wouldn’t get into riots. They are busy with their work. It is the unemployed, poor people who have nothing productive to do.
Mostly, they have no jobs or businesses. Because if you see the politicians and the media giving these provocative speeches, their children are safely studying in foreign universities,  they are happily settled there without having to worry about these things. And look at the people who are killed in these riots.
It is always someone from the lower economic section. In his article, Bhagat Singh cites the example of Russia as well. It was ruled by a Tsar. When there was a monarchy in Russia, the economic condition was terrible there. Because of this, frequent riots and communal violence used to be seen in Russia.
For example, from 1881 to 1884, and from 1903 to 1906, large-scale anti-Jewish violence was seen in the Russian Empire. And this violence was supported to quite an extent by the incumbent government.
The government of the Russian Tsar. But Bhagat Singh claims that since the Russian Revolution, since the Bolsheviks came into power, the situation had been stabilised.
The economic condition of the people had improved. People were employed. Each person was seen as a human, rather than as Jewish, Christians, or by their religious identities. And since people were aware, Singh claimed that there were no religious riots in Russia anymore. He was talking about his time.

And then Bhagat Singh goes on to cite a similar, positive example of India, of Calcutta. There were Hindu-Muslim riots in Calcutta, but in those Hindu-Muslim riots, trade union workers had not participated in those riots. 
The Hindus and Muslims working in the factories, kept on working. They weren’t participating in the riots. They were happy to work with each other. According to Bhagat Singh, this happened because there was class consciousness among the trade union workers. They were standing with each other, and understood the interest of their group.
In his opinion, this was an excellent example of how class consciousness can prevent communal violence. Finally, Bhagat Singh concluded his article reiterating that he had high hopes from India’s youth. He said that the Indian youth was rejecting communalism and hatred. And that many young people were open about their outlook. They don’t see themselves as Hindus, Muslims, or Sikhs.
Rather, they see themselves as humans. Bhagat Singh wrote that he was very hopeful for the youth. Apart from this, he praised some new politicians as well. Those who were actively trying to keep religion out of politics. They fought for independence. Bhagat Singh didn’t name the politicians,
but most probably, he was talking about Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose. I say this because the next month, he wrote another article in the same magazine titled ‘The Varied Opinions of the New Politicians.’
Where he specifically pointed out Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose. while praising them.

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How Does Uber Make Money? Uber Business Model Analysis

Today, getting taxis from Uber or Ola has become very common for us. Come, let’s understand this in today’s article.

So Let’s Start our Today’s Topic How Does Uber Make Money? Uber Business Model Analysis. So Read the Full Article.

Let’s Start The Story of Uber

“The story of Uber is littered with scandals and controversy, at every single turn.” “This is more global, It’s diversified. By sharing scooters, Uber Green, air taxis, And even its own autonomous driving technology. I mean, look at Uber, you’re really betting on the future of transportation.”  For those who don’t know much about Uber, they think that you call a taxi on the Uber app on your smartphone, and the taxi just comes to pick you up. They think that the company Uber must have sent the taxi.
But it isn’t so. Uber doesn’t own taxis. Uber is merely a technology company, and a smartphone app, and it works by matching drivers and riders. The people who are willing to use their cars as taxis, and the people who wish to use taxis, riders. This app works by getting them together. Using normal taxis is much easier than this. You go out, hail a cab,
without needing any apps for that. Uber’s role is prominent where taxis aren’t easily available. If you don’t have taxis around you, then you can call the taxi to your home through the smartphone. With one app. Before this, you had to call people. The phone number of the taxis varied among different cities and countries. This one app simplified these.
Additionally, it even gave some new people the opportunity to become taxi drivers. If someone wanted to earn more money by working part-time, they can use their personal car as a taxi. This opportunity wasn’t available before Uber. Normally, to become a taxi driver, one had to get many licences and permissions, depending upon the city and country you were in. Often, the car had to be registered in the commercial register. And one had to get a commercial license plate too. All the hassles related to it have now ended. And the extra costs involved in these formalities,
have now been reduced. And because of this reduced cost, Uber could offer their taxi service at a lower price. Generally, in normal taxis, the fare is calculated by checking the meter,  but Uber has its algorithm to tell us what would be the cost of the taxi ride. And this is was quite innovative at its time. Their calculations are somewhat like this. First is their base fare, depending upon the car you’re choosing in Uber, there’s Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Black, add to that, cost per minute multiplied by time, and cost per kilometre multiplied by time, the cost per minute and the cost per kilometre, is different for each location, as decided by Uber, because the cost of things differ from one country to another and one city to another,.and then the sum of the three is multiplied by the Surge Multiplier.
The cost that you arrive at by adding the three parts, will be multiplied by the Surge Multiplier. After that comes the booking fees and administration fees. This is charged by Uber for itself. to pass on the cost to Uber to the end-user. The concept of the surge multiplier and surge pricing is truly groundbreaking. The thing is, when Uber started out, they saw that there are some places that have many available drivers, but at some places, there are many riders, but there’s a lack of drivers. They wanted a solution to balance this. If there are more drivers at one location and more riders at another, the riders wouldn’t get a driver, and the drivers wouldn’t get riders. They wanted to match the too.
They decided to do this with surge pricing. They divided the map into hexagons. and in each hexagon, they would check for areas that have more rider and the area with more drivers.
In the hexagon where there are more riders than drivers, they would apply the surge multiplier in the price. Suppose this multiplier is 3x, then the price of the taxi ride would increase to three times. Thrice the price is quite high for the rider, but it is a motivation for the driver because they see the demand in the area, and think that giving a ride there would earn them thrice the price. That’s why the drivers would go to that area, that has more riders. So that the demand could be met. And the riders have the option too. If the riders want, they can pay a higher price and get Uber instantly. Or they can wait 10 minutes to half an hour, till the time more drivers reach the area, and the surge multiplier is reduced automatically,  when the numbers of riders and drivers are balanced out.

How does this thing look realistically?

The hexagon shapes I told you about, for the drivers, they appear in shades of yellow, orange, and red. The areas that are bright red, have a higher surge, and a higher surge multiplier, so the drivers would get more money. Overall, this is the way the cost of an Uber ride is calculated. Of the final cost, 20%-25% of it is taken by Uber and the rest is paid to the driver.
Recently, there have been controversies about this basic calculation. It was been said that Uber has come up with their own route-based pricing. That the roads and routes people travel by frequently, Uber increases the cost there so that the company can earn more. While ignoring this basic calculation. Some people had even accused them that Uber checks the phone’s battery of the users.
That it checks the battery level. If the user’s phone has a low battery, they increase the price for the user. Because people are more desperate when their phones are running on low battery, to get a taxi as soon as possible. So they are willing to pay more. “It claims that rideshare services like Uber, raise their prices, relative to your battery level.
Well, since this tweet, a few articles have popped up. They reinforce the idea that Uber actually changes the cost of the trip based on your phone’s battery.” Although Uber has denied this. They have said that they don’t do this. But if we return to our overall model, this model proved very successful for Uber. Uber expanded their model in many countries. But what about the countries where most people don’t own their own cars? People can’t afford to drive cars. There would be a scarcity of drivers in those countries.

What could be done in such countries?

For such countries, Uber decided that they have to give cars to people someway or the other.  They can either give loans to people with which they’ll buy cars themselves. Or, they could give them cars on a lease. They could rent them. With this, Uber started their program Uber Xchange. Under the Uber Xchange program, if you don’t own a car, and you want to become a driver for Uber, then you can lease a car from Uber. And you’d have to pay a weekly rent to Uber. You can use their cars to earn, And hopefully, you’ll earn so much, that you can pay off the rent and you have some profits left with you.
Unfortunately for Uber, this program wasn’t very successful. They stopped this program in 2018. Because it was getting troublesome for Uber to manage so many resources. Uber was simply a technology company, just an app. Uber didn’t own their cars. But for the Uber Xchange program, they had to own the cars. They had to buy the cars and keep them, so that they could be leased.
This was troublesome for them. And it cost a lot too. They weren’t able to manage it properly. That’s why they decided to stop it, and, being a technology company, to focus solely on the app. To grow their business model through it. But the problem didn’t end. So for the new solution, Uber adopted a new program. 

The Fleet Model.

Uber thought that many people have multiple cars. There are companies that own several cars. Especially car rental companies. In such cases, their cars aren’t in use at all times. Just imagine if a person has 3 or 4 cars, most of the time the cars are parked without being used.
These people and companies that own multiple idle cars, are called Fleet Owners by Uber. Because they have a fleet of cars. They decided to connect the fleet owners with the drivers. So that the drivers can use their idle cars, to earn for themselves.
The fleet owners would basically rent out their cars to the drivers. So that, once again, Uber could become the platform through which the drivers and fleet owners could connect with each other. This is how the Uber Marketplace began. The fleet owners, could rent their cars to the drivers. To the drivers who don’t have their own cars. The fleet model could work in two ways.
First is where the fleet owners rent out their cars to the drivers. And each week the driver has to pay rent to the fleet owners. And the Uber earnings goes to the driver.  The second model is when the fleet owners hire their own drivers. The fleet owners could hire some drivers on a monthly salary, and the earnings from Uber, is kept by the fleet owners for themselves. Both these models are very common in India.
For Uber India, the largest fleet owner in India is a company called Everest Fleet. They have thousands of cars that they lease out to the Uber drivers.
Uber’s Business Model is something like this. Where people own their own cars, There, Uber is a platform or an app that connects drivers with riders. But in countries where most people don’t own cars, there, Uber is a platform that connects fleet owners with drivers. These fleet owners could be individuals
As I told you in the beginning, there used to be taxis then. If someone wanted to become a taxi driver, they had to undergo many commercial registrations get commercial licence plates, a special driving licence was needed, the taxi drivers had to get regular checks too, there was a lot of bureaucracy, and it used to cost a lot. The biggest advantage that Uber had was that when people started using their own cars as taxis,
they didn’t need to go through all this bureaucracy. They didn’t need to get commercial registrations, they didn’t need a special driving licence, so all the expenses towards it disappeared. Because of this, Uber could keep its prices low. The cost of a taxi ride was reduced by Uber compared to that of a normal taxi.
And the Uber driver could earn more money, that compared to a normal taxi driver. Initially, that is. But just think about it. If normal people could use their personal cars as a taxi,
through Uber, and they don’t need any commercial registration, no need for a special driving licence, but the actual taxi drivers have to get these. They have to incur more expenses.

So isn’t this a loophole in the system?

Due to this reason, people filed cases against Uber. was bypassing all these rules and laws. In some countries, obviously.Because the laws applicable differ from country to country. In many countries, there were court cases against Uber because of this.
In 2010, when the San Francisco City Authority filed a case against Uber. claiming that they are running their taxi services illegally. At the time, the name of the company was UberCabs. In response to the case, Uber said that they aren’t operating taxi services. They decided to change the name of their company. They removed the ‘Cabs’ from UberCabs, and the name of the company became Uber. They claimed that they are simply a technology company. That they aren’t a transport company and don’t deal with taxis.
They simply provide an online platform. This argument worked in many countries. Courts in several countries stated that their argument made sense. That Uber was right, and they should be allowed to function as they were. But in many countries his argument didn’t sit well. The courts in several countries stated that Uber isn’t a technology company, instead, Uber is a transport company.
In 2017, the top court of the European Union passed the judgement that Uber is actually a transport company. They left it up to the individual countries how they decide to deal with it.

Talking about India 

Uber had to face a lot of legal challenges. After a 2014 rape case in a car operated by Uber, the government banned Uber. Saying that Uber can neither ensure the safety of the passengers nor can it protect the drivers properly. This ban was overturned in the High Court one year later.
But the authorities remained wary of Uber. The Uber drivers work 12-13 hours a day often. They are overworked and aren’t provided proper insurance, and they aren’t even treated as proper employees. That’s why the government has enforced new rules recently, for services like Uber and Ola.
Uber is ordered to provide insurance cover for all their drivers. They can’t increase their surge pricing by more than 1.5x. And the cut that they take, cannot be more than 20%. So that 80% of all earnings go to the driver. Additionally, no driver could be worked for more than 12 hours.


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