10 Surprising and Intresting Facts About Cricket? That May gives you Shock? Unique Facts?

Amazing and Surprising Facts About Cricket?

1). Shahid Afridi utilized Sachin Tendulkar’s bat to hit the quickest ever ODI century. 
Shahid Afridi was flown in to play for the Pakistan group from West Indies to Nairobi in 1996 and didn’t have a legitimate bat. That is when Waqar Younis gave ‘Youthful Afridi’ Sachin Tendulkar’s bat. Afridi hit 11 sixes and six limits with the bat and scored a 37-ball century against Sri Lanka which was the then quickest ODI century. The record, broken later by Corey Anderson (36 balls), presently has a place with South Africa’s AB de Villiers (31 balls). 
2). Sunil Gavaskar was out off the principal wad of a Test match threefold in his profession Sunil Gavaskar. 
Sunil Gavaskar was the principal batsman to arrive at 10,000 Test runs and he finished his profession scoring 34 Test hundreds of years. In any case, did you realize he was out multiple times off the primary wad of a Test? The bowlers to excuse him were: Geoff Arnold (Edgbaston, 1974), Malcolm Marshall (Kolkata, 1984) and Imran Khan (Jaipur, 1987). 

3). Chris Gayle is the solitary batsman to hit a six off the primary chunk of a Test match. 
In the 137 years of Test cricket no cricketer has at any point hit a six off the primary wad of a Test match. Nervy Chris Gayle accomplished this accomplishment against Bangladesh in 2012 off debutant Sohag Gazi. 
4). Abbas Ali Baig was the main Indian cricketer to be kissed during a Test match Abbas Ali Baig 
At the point when Abbas Ali Baig arrived at 50 years in the third Test match against Australia at the Brabourne Stadium in 1960, a lovely young lady ran right from the North Stand to welcome the batsman. She kissed Baig on his cheek. 
5). Vinod Kambli’s Test match normal is superior to his beloved companion Sachin Tendulkar 
Vinod Kambli played just 17 Test matches which included two consecutive twofold tons. Kambli’s Test normal is 54.20 while his beloved companion Sachin Tendulkar midpoints 53.78 after 200 Tests.
6). ML Jaisimha and Ravi Shastri are the solitary Indians to bat on every one of the five days of a Test. 

7). Saif Ali Khan Father Nawab Pataudi also a Star Cricketer

8). Lala Amarnath is the lone bowler to excuse Don Bradman hit wicket in Test cricket

9). There’s an uncanny similitude between the Indo-Pak match at the Australasia Cup of 1986 and Asia Cup 2014. 

10). India won the 1983 World Cup and won their first historically speaking Test at Lord’s three years after the fact in 1986.