Some Facts and information about arijit singh. Star Voice Of India.

No songster till date has touched so numerous heart like Arijit Singh has done. He’s the heartthrob of Indian and other country people who like Bollywood music. Born on Arpril 25, 1987, this 34 time old songster till date has sung further than 300 songs out of which 250 songs have been declared assuper-hit. 
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From an unknow joe to the singing sensation of India, Arijit Singh has come a long way. Being an unfavored competitor in the singing reality show,”Fame Gurukul”, where he was thrown out of the show because he got lower vote by the public and getting one of the most demanded songster of Bollywood and Indian music assiduity moment. 
Arijit Singh musical trip is an alleviation to numerous unborn vocalizers out there to noway lose stopgap and continue working hard. In the history, there have been numerous vocalizers who were notorious and people use to hear to their songs whole-heartedly but now we infrequently hear their songs. For illustration Sonu Nigam, Mohit Chauhan, Atif Aslam, etc. All of them were great vocalizers and still are, they all had the soulful voice but Arijit Singh is the only songster whose fame has lasted for so long. 
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Here are Some Facts and information about arijit singh.

1). His Parents Belongs from Different Region’s.

Did you know that Arijit Singh’s parents belong to different persuasions? Yes, his father is Punjabi whereas his mama is Bengali. He owes his passionate love for music to his motherly side of the family. In fact, his mama sang herself and was a fantastic tabla player. 

2). Trained Hazari Sisters at age of 3.

Arijit entered formal musical training by the Hazari Sisters at the bare age of three. He went on to move the government with his melodious voice and earn a education for oral training in classical music at the age of nine. 

3). He took Part in a Music Reality Show Fame Gurukul in 2005.

Numerous of you remember an 18- time-old teen named Arijit Singh took part in a music reality show Fame Gurukul in 2005. While he was seen as a strong contender with his impeccable training in classical music, he failed to qualify to the top 5 of that show. He latterly went on to share in Dus Ke Dus Le Gaye Dil where Indian Idol rivals contended against those from Fame Gurukul. He did crop victorious in this show. 

4). He Loves Traveling in Public Transport.

One would anticipate a super successful Bollywood songster to at least enjoy one auto. But, materialistic rudiments don’t invite him fluently. Arijit Singh has expressed his love for public transport. His favourite means of public transport is an bus. In fact, he claims that he recorded the heart touching song “ Phir Le Aya Dil” from Barfi! in just 20 twinkles as he’d an bus staying outdoors. 

5). He Sungs a Song Featuring Sourav Ganguly.

Arijit has also sung the title song for the TV cleaner Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon which is vented on Colors, and‘Dadagiri’ featuring Sourav Ganguly. He has also sung the title track of Bengali TV periodical‘Tomay Amay Mile’along with Ujjaini Mukherjee. 

6). Good Luck With Bad Luck.

During the show, Sanjay Leela Bhansali honored his gift and asked him to sing‘Yun Shabnami’from Saawariya. Unfortunately, during the product, the script changed and his song was noway released. 

7). When asked about his floundering days in Mumbai, he said

“One has to suffer pain to reach their destination, those days when I failed to get work, I allowed about quitting and going back in my birthplace, but I realised that one should concentrate on one’s work no matter what happens.” 


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