how paytm earns money. Business Strategy of Paytm.

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Paytm or “ Payment Through Mobile” is India’s largest payment, commerce, ande-wallet enterprise. It started in 2010 and is a brand of the parent company innovated by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. In April 2020, Paytm Payment Bank reached$ 130 million deposited from 57 million savings accounts. 
It was launched as an online mobile recharge website and went on to transfigure its business model to a virtual and business bank model. The company stands moment as one of India’s largest online mobile service that includes banking services, business, mobile payments, bill payments, and recharge. It has so far handed services to over 100 million druggies. 
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Business Studies of Paytm

Paytm, i.e. One97 Dispatches Ltd, has three crucial business parts – payment services, commerce and pall services and fiscal services. Overall, the company has 120 million periodic transacting druggies and 22 million merchandisers on its platform and a aggregate of 337 million consumers. 

The Paytm app serves as a super app for guests, allowing them to make online and offline bill payments, plutocrat transfers, accesse-commerce immolations, marking services, Paytm Payments Bank and make investments, buy insurance or gold or take loans and get credit cards. 
The company’s total profit from operations in the fiscal time 2021 was Rs crore across businesses. 

Flagship Services Offered by Paytm

Payment and fiscal services together are the largest contributor to Paytm’s profit, making up 75 percent of fiscal time 2021 profit. The profit from these businesses is Rs crore. 
Paytm has payment immolations for both guests and merchandisers. According to RedSeer data quoted in its share trade prospectus, the company is the largest payments platform in India with a total gross trafficker value (GMV) of over Rs 4 lakh crore in the last fiscal time 
Paytm’s request share in overall mobile payments deals is about 40 percent; it addition, it has a request share of 65 to 70 percent in portmanteau payments deals, according to RedSeer. 
The company’s guests have a choice of payment instruments including Paytm Wallet, Food Wallet, bank accounts, Fastag, Buy Now Pay Latterly (BNPL) and equated yearly investiture (EMI) options piecemeal from cards. 
UPI has led the digital payments relinquishment in India, but it has a veritably small share of deals through Paytm Payments Bank. The company only has a 14 percent share in yearly UPI deals although it remains the third-largest player. 
For the trafficker ecosystem, Paytm enables payments through its flagship payment gateway, each- by-one QR canons, Soundbox and point of deals (PoS) machines. 
Paytm earns plutocrat through sale freights and take- rates charged to merchandisers grounded on the chance of GMV, which is a crucial profit motorist for the company. It also charges guests convenience freights. 
The company also earns profit through a subscription- grounded model for certain trafficker products and services like Paytm SoundBox and PoS. 

Commerce and Cloud Business

Paytm’s third line of business allows merchandisers to connect with guests, offers pall services to enterprises, telecom companies, and digital and fintech platforms, marking services and gaming; it houses Paytm First, which is a subscription- grounded prices and fidelity programme. 
According to RedSeer data, Paytm vended movie tickets across defenses in fiscal time 2020 and was the alternate-largest booking platform in India in terms of movie tickets vended. 
The perpendicular contributes 25 percent of Paytm’s profit; it earned Rs 693 crore from deals at the end of fiscal time 2021. 
The profit is generated substantially by charging merchandisers in the marking business sale freights and consumers convenience freights. The platform also charges merchandisers and enterprises subscription freights in its pall business. 

Financial Services Offered by Paytm.

The company offers mobile banking services through Paytm Payments Bank with a aggregate of 65 million accounts and deposits worth Rs crore. It also has a lending perpendicular, including Paytm Postpaid which is a BNPL ( buy now, pay latterly) immolation; the company has expended three million loans andpost-paid products till date. 
A report by Motilal Oswal Financial Services says that the share of the lending business is anticipated to increase sprucely in Paytm’s core profit over the coming couple of times. 


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