What are interesting fact about football? 10 Amazing Facts About Football ?

Here are the 10 Intresting and Amazing Facts about Football ?
Here are the 10 Amazing Facts About Football 

1). The principal worldwide game at any point was played in 1872 

The primary authority worldwide football match occurred at Hamilton Crescent where Scotland played against England. It occurred on 30 November 1872. furthermore, an aggregate of 114 games have been played between the two public groups from that point forward.

2). Kazuyoshi Miura is the most seasoned proficient player 
The Japanese football player and symbol Kazuyoshi Miura, otherwise called Kazu is as of now the most established proficient soccer player, all things considered. He’s 52 years of age and broke the past record that was held by Sir Stanley Mathews at age 50. 
Kazuyoshi Miura is playing in the Japanese association at Yokohama FC. 
3). Football is the most well known game on the planet 
There are in excess of 265 million parts on the planet, and an expected 4 billion individuals are effectively watching the game occasionally, which doubtlessly makes it the most famous game on the planet. 
4). It was designed in China around 476 B.C 
Today it very well may be unfathomable that football is thought to have begun in China, taking into account that their public group as of now is positioned distinctly at 86th spot in the FIFA World Ranking. 
However, most specialists concur that the first game was designed at some point around 476 BC in China, where it was known as Cuju. Later since the beginning, there has been a wide scope of different ball games in Ancient Greece, the Mayan Empire, and England just to make reference to a couple. 

5). Americans and Canadians call it soccer 
At the point when an American is discussing football, they’re typically alluding to American Football, which is quite possibly the most well known games in the United States. 
Football in Canada alludes to Canadian football, which is basically the same as the American variant. Canadians and Americans are the only ones on the planet who call it soccer rather than football. 
6). The biggest football arena is situated in North Korea 
The Rungrado first of May Stadium in Pyongyang is the greatest arena on the planet with a limit of up to 150,000 individuals. A few sources guarantee that the arena just has a limit of 114,000, which would in any case rank as the #1 biggest arena. 
Be that as it may, the most noteworthy participation at any point recorded was at the MaracanĂ£ Stadium in 1950 where 199,854 individuals saw Uruguay versus Brazil. The current participation is set to 78,838. 
This is maybe quite possibly the most astonishing realities about football as a result of North Korea’s extremist system and practically unheard presence on the worldwide scene. 
7). Just 8 nations have won the World Cup. 
The Fifa World Cup has been progressing each fourth year since 1930, and notwithstanding 21 competitions being played since the first in Uruguay, just 8 distinct nations have won the competition. 
Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup multiple times, which makes it the best public group, all things considered. 
8). World’s Most Watched Sports Tournament. 
The FIFA World Cup is the most watched game on the planet and it was assessed that World Cup 2018, which was played in Russia, had a consolidated viewership of 3.572 billion (357.2 crore individuals) which implies practically 50% of the total populace watched the competition. 
Would be seriously fascinating that in the event that we add the crowd which observed no inclusion at home except for got the activity on computerized stages, out in the open survey and additionally in bars and eateries, 309.7 million of 30.9 crore more individuals would be added to the previously mentioned count. 
9). Most Goals Scored By A Single Player In An Official Match. 
Back in December of 1942, Stephan Stanis scored an amazing 16 objectives for his side Racing Club de Lens, not a solitary individual, from that point forward, has figured out how to break this strange record which presently stands tall since 78 years. 
10). The Match That Brought Ronaldinho Into Limelight. 
The incomparable Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho proceeded to get probably the best player the sport of football has at any point found throughout the entire existence of its reality. At 13 years old years, the Brazilian footballer was important for a game where his neighborhood group dominated the match 23-0.
Ronaldinho, at only 13 years old score every one of the 23 objectives in that match. It was 1988 in Porto Allegre, Brazil.