10 Unknown and interesting facts about delhi. Dilwaalon ki Dilli.

Wants to know Some interesting facts about delhi. Then you are at the right article because here you will get to know 10 Unknown and interesting facts about delhi. Dilwaalon ki Dilli.
The capital of India, New Delhi is frequently said to be “ Dilwaalon ki Dilli”, a place wherein people have gratified hearts and lively nature. The multitudinous data about Delhi not only stem from its large number of ancient and literal artefacts but also since it’s home to all the three branches of Government of India. With its long history of conglomerate relations from the Delhi Sultanate to Mughals and also the British, the megacity at present daises as one of the fastest developing metropolises in the world. Delhi is loved by the excursionists as well as its occupants for it’s a megacity of the wise and the spice! 
So Let’s Start our Today’s Topic 10 Unknown and interesting facts about delhi. Dilwaalon ki Dilli. So Read the Full Article to know these Awesome Facts.

Here are the 10 Unknown and interesting facts about delhi. Dilwaalon ki Dilli.

1). White is the Original Colour of Red Fort.

Red Fort is one of the stylish effects about Delhi, especially if you love history. But did you know this monument wasn’t always red in colour? According to the Archaeological Survey of India, it was actually made of white limestone and when the colour started dicing off, some British officers decided to paint it red. 

2). Qutub Minar is the tallest minar in the world.

Still, you wo n’t find a single place that does n’t mention Qutub Minar, If you search for information about New Delhi on the internet. After all, it isn’t only a special literal monument but also the altitudinous slipup minaret in the whole world. It was erected way back in 1200 Announcement, but the Minar stands “ altitudinous” indeed moment. 

3). Asia’s Largest Spice Market is in Delhi.

Indeed though it’s situated really close to the Red Fort, there are high chances that you might not have heard of this bone. Khari Baoli, Asia’s largest spice request, started nearly in the 17th century and continues to be a gamesome business to date. Do visit this request if you want to season up your food (or your knowledge about Delhi). Relatively literally. 

4). Asia’s Largest Wholesale Market for Fruit and Vegetables is in Delhi.

Speaking of Asia’s largest requests, Delhi has another one of them. The Azadpur wholesale is the largest fruit and vegetable request in all ofAsia.However, this is the place to be, If you love fruits. From original yield to transnational kinds of kiwi, Alphonso mango, peach, you’ll find everything then. And for the bones who have chosen the organic life, you ’ll find plenitude of options too. Just for a many redundant bucks. 

5). Delhi has Most Unique Museum in the World.

Another bit of intriguing information about New Delhi – it houses some of the most unique galleries in the country. Be it the commode exhibits at the Sulabh International Museum of toilets, toy trains at the National Rail Museum, dolls tutoring “ how to wear a saree” at Shankar’s International Dolls Museum or the cameras from World War II at Vintage Analogue Camera Museum. 

6). Delhi has the Most Expensive Office Space in the World.

Well wellwell.However, perhaps … suppose again? Connaught Place is the most precious in terms of office spaces in India, and the 9th most precious in the world, If you ’re thinking of leasing space to start your own office then. While as a whole, the rent around the megacity is a little lower than metropolises like Mumbai, don’t make the mistake of choosing a space in CP if you do n’t want to spend all your capital on paying rent in the capital. 

7). Delhi Metro Platforms are user Friendly for Blind People

Ever noticed the unheroic tiled tracks inside Delhi’s metro stations and platforms? Well, these aren’t just for scenery purposes. They’re put there to help eyeless people find their way to the metro trainers, the lift and the exits. This kind of availability is another reason the Delhi Metro is the alternate-stylish metro in the world after the US. 

8). Delhi has Walled with 14 Gates.

Delhi was formerly a full-fledged walled megacity. With not one or two, but fourteen gates around it. Out of which, five stand strong indeed moment – Kashmere Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Lahori Darwaza, Dilli Darwaza and Turkman Gate, all located in different corridor of the megacity. Indeed though these are remnants of the megacity’s rich history, settlers and terminal scholars are glad that the megacity has eventually let its walls down. 

9). New Delhi was fully Planned by British Architect.

Although Delhi was a prominent literal area, ultramodern- day New Delhi was actually designed by British engineers Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker. Hence, it’s also known as Lutyens Delhi, although no bone uses that name presently. 

10). Delhi has one of the Oldest Stadium in the world.

Feroze Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi is one of India’s oldest. It’s alternate in age only to Kolkata’s notorious Eden Auditoriums. It was renamed Arun Jaitley Stadium in 2019, but still holds the heritage of its oldname.However, you may know this place as the home ground of the Delhi Centrals, If you ’re an IPL addict.


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