Top 10 famous food in mumbai. Some Delicious Street Food Of Mumbai

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Mumbai, the megacity of dreams, is truly a magical place for not just aspirers but for savorers also. Its artistic diversity is what attracts people which can completely be seen in the culinary uproariousness the megacity offers. Whether it’s Muslim, Gujarati, South-Indian, Parsi, or Maharashtran, there are a number of dishes to eat in Mumbai with innumerous flavours, colours, and textures. One can fluently taste the true flavours of Mumbai’s stylish dishes without indeed fussing about the pockets. So, take a look at the top 10 food to eat in Mumbai. 
So Let’s Start Our Today’s Topic Top 10 famous food in mumbai. Some Delicious Street Food Of Mumbai.

Here are Top 10 famous food in mumbai. Some Delicious Street Food Of Mumbai.

1). Vada Pav

Vada Pav, or the Poor Man’s Burger, is among the top Mumbai road food dishes. It’s basically a bun chuck (pav) and a cutlet (vada) stuffed with mashed potato. The dish is served with racy and sweet chutneys, fried chilies, and garlic greasepaint chutney. 


2). Misal Pav

Quintessentially from Pune, the dish is a blend of curried lentils, outgunned with potato bhaaji, poha, chivada, diced onions, and tomato. This hot and racy road food of Mumbai is eaten with pav andyogurt.However, also Misal Pav has got your reverse, If you’re looking for options in healthy road food in Mumbai. Start your morning with this luxurious, healthy breakfast. 

3). Pav Bhaji

Another popular Bombay road food is the Pav Bhaaji. An multifariousness of mashed vegetables cooked with spices and seasonings (bhaaji) is served with bun chuck (pav) hotted on a visage. Adulation is applied on thebun.However, also you’ll find at least one Pav Bhaji cube open late in night in your area where you can kill your hunger stings, If you’re roving empty and looking for road food in mumbai at night. 

4). Bhel Puri

Among the submissive dishes of road food in Mumbai, Bhel Puri and Sev Puri are the most popular bones. Bhel Puri is a Marathi Chaat made out of puffed rice, vegetables, and a pungent tamarind sauce. Sev Puri is another chaat basically made of Puri loaded with minced potatoes, onions, 3 chutneys (tamarind, chili, and garlic), and outgunned with sev ( small pieces of brickle polls made from chickpea flour paste). It’s seasoned with raw mango or a hint of bomb and chaat masala. 

5). Batata Vada

Batata Vada, popularly known as Aloo Bonda, is a popular Mumbai road food that consists of potato crush croquette carpeted with deep-fried juvenile pea flour. Swab, turmeric, and red chili greasepaint seasonings are added and the dish is served with green chutney and fried green chilies. Principally, it’s a mashed potato pakora made in Mumbai style that you ought to try. 

6). Bombay Sandwich

The Bombay Sandwich is a road food of Mumbai with a combination of utmost doubtful constituents. It consists of three buttered white chuck slices with slices of beetroot, boiled potatoes, cucumbers, onion rings, and mint chutney between them. The sandwich also comes with a heated variant. 

7). Frankie 

Frankie is notorious road food in Mumbai. It’s a juicy naan chuck with egg coating, rolled with mutton/ funk filling. The submissive variant doesn’t use egg coating. The filling is of paneer or potatoes. Principally, it’s a roll that you can overeater down whenever you have hunger stings in the middle of the day or night. 

8). Dabeli 

A family dish of Vada Pav, Dabeli is another stylish veg road food in Mumbai that you can try during your Mumbai Darshan. For those who love snacking are going to love the taste of Dabeli. The pav chuck is spread with special racy Dabeli Masala made with crushed peanuts, mashed potatoes, and an multifariousness of spices which is also outgunned with Nylon Sev, pomegranate seeds, and chutney. The dish has its influence from Gujarat and can fluently be plant at road food booths in Mumbai everyplace. 

9). Pani Puri

Pani puri is universal love! There isn’t a single person on earth who doesn’t like Pani Puri. And the bone you’ll try in Mumbai will make you fall in love with the pungent scrumptious water balls each over again. Most popular road food in Mumbai, you can have Pani Puri at any of the road food booths in the megacity. You indeed have variants in the taste of waters like Hing Jeera, Khatta Meetha, etc. Work up your appetite with a plate of Panipuri in Mumbai. 

10). Akuri on Toast

Akuri is generally prepared from climbed eggs mixed with onions, tomatoes red chilli greasepaint and green chillies outgunned with fresh coriander. Indeed raw mangoes can be used in season as an component with milk, jeera (cumin) greasepaint, curry leaves and gusto-garlic paste. The dish is considered amongst great Parsi breakfast dishes and every family has its own way of preparing this mess. 


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