Top 10 famous food in tamilnadu. Delicious Food Of Tamilnadu.

Wants to know Some famous food in tamilnadu, You are at right place because here you will get to know Some famous food in tamilnadu. 
Tamil Nadu is a noble state located at the narrow southern tip of India. It’s blessed with some of the most mouth-watering and flavoursome indigenous cookeries. Each indigenous cookery boasts of unique cuisine styles and spices. These have been backed with family fashions, ancient culture and traditions, community history and external influences. There are some dishes that have made their special place in the hearts of the people and have travelled far and wide to capture numerous further hearts. There are numerous caffs in Tamil Nadu that can make sure your Tamil Nadu tourism is a succulent and cutlet- shellacking bone! 
So Let’s Start Our Today’s Topic Top 10 famous food in tamilnadu. Delicious Food Of Tamilnadu.

Here are Top 10 famous food in tamilnadu. Delicious Food Of Tamilnadu.

1). Idli

The most notorious dish in Tamilnadu, as well as the whole southern region is Idli. Prepared with a grind admixture of soaked rice and white lentil, Idli is stylish to eat in the breakfast time. 


2). Sambhar

Stylish to enjoy with nearly every main course, Sambar is a kind of South Indian dal ( palpitation). Yet, the difference is the concocting of colorful vegetables and spices and the sour taste. 

3). Dosa

Dosa is notorious medication in Tamil Nadu. The dish is cooked mildly like an omelette where the admixture is spread over a visage and is served with Sambar and Coconut Chutney. 

4). Sambhar Vada

Another complement of Sambhar, Vada is a savoury doughnut-suchlike snack that traces its history in Tamil Nadu and is a prominent breakfast delicacy in the state. 

5). Uttapam

This tasteful dish is veritably important analogous to dosa but what makes it different is the beating of tomatoes, onions, capsicum, and other veggies. Uttapam tastes heavenly good with either racy tomato or coconut chutney. 

6). Ven Pongal

This is a veritably light breakfast form, prepared with rice and moong dal, sautéed with cumin, pepper and asafoetida. Also called “ ven pongal”, with a mouth- soddening smell, this is the comfort food for a maturity of Tamilians, since it’s light and and has a heavenly taste. It’s generally eaten for breakfast, but is eaten for lunch and regale too. 

7). Banana Bonda

Stuffed with banana and deep fried in canvas, Bonda is savoury medication in the state of Tamil Nadu, stylish to eat at snack time with tea. 

8). Payasam

A pungent desert, Payasam is a popular second course in Tamilnadu. This dish is prepared by riding moong dal and cooking it in a pressure cooker along with adding jaggery saccharinity and dry fruits. 

9). Rasam

One of the most common main courses in Tamilnadu, Rasam is a racy soupy dish prepared with tomatoes, cumin seeds, and pepper. It’s also an mouthwatering dish for a sore throat. 

10). Prawns Kuzhambu

A perfect epitome of South Indian cookery is Prawns Kuzhambu, serving as a gastronomic delight in Tamilnadu. The prawns are marinated in masala which gives it a strong pungent taste. 


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