Top 10 Tasty and famous food of karnataka. Tasty Treat Of Karnataka.

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Karnataka has one of the mildest cookeries in India. It has numerous different and different regions, each with their own unique Karnataka foods to try. Regions in Karnataka like North Karnataka, South Karnataka, Kodagu, Udupi, and Mangalore have their own masses and fortes, from submissive dishes to seafood and meat curries. The staple food particulars of Karnataka include rice, raagi, and jower (millet). 
A traditional mess in Karnataka is made up of huli ( thick broth cooked with vegetables, lentils and ground paste of coconut, chili, tamarind, and spices), palya (vegetables), tovve ( cooked lentils with minimum seasoning), kootu, kosambari (lentil and vegetable salad), saaru ( clear pepper broth), obattu ( sweet flatbread also called holige), payasa, papad, puri ( rolled from wheat flour), pickles, and curd. This is served on banana leaves or muttuga leaves (these leaves are darned together). 
So Let’s Start Our Today’s Topic Top 10 Tasty and famous food of karnataka. Tasty Treat Of Karnataka.

Here are the Top 10 Tasty and famous food of karnataka. Tasty Treat Of Karnataka.

1). Neer Dosa

The word’neer’means water in Tulu language. Neer dosa is a veritably notorious dish that consists of rice dosa. To make the dosa, rice is to be soaked overnight for a many hours in the water, and no turmoil is needed. Since rice is fluently available in Karnataka, Neer Dosa is plant at numerous places and caffs. Neer dosa is served with chutney, curry or sambar. 

2). Korri

Korri means Chicken and Gassi means curry. For this curry, succulent pieces of funk are cooked with spices and ground fresh coconut. This is a notorious Mangalorean form. It’s generally served with set dosa, neer dosa or roti at the side. 

3). Kundapura Koli

Kundapura Koli Saaru is another style of Funk curry and is veritably popular on the Mangalorean littoral region. The gravy of the curry is made from onion, garlic, gusto and other spices along with coconut milk. The curry is perfect to have with neer dosa, roti or indeed rice. 

4). Mysore Masala Dosa

The Mysore masala dosa is another form of dosa with chutney or paste applied to it. It’s a crisp dosa with red chutney and mashed potato filling in it. The dosa is served with white and red coconut chutney along with sambar. 

5). Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a simple but veritably notorious sweet that’s popular each across India. Mysore Pak is made from three constituents only-Besan (Gram Flour), Ghee and sugar. The texture of the sweet feels rich due to besan and ghee. The sweet is extensively distributed especially during Diwali. 

6). Pork

Pork or’pandi’is considered to be a delicacy in Coorg. The meat is cooked in masala paste that results in its dark colour and racy flavour. The dish uses an excerpt of fruit grown locally called kachumpuli that results in its distinct sour flavour. The Pandi Curry is served with akki roti (rice roti) or rice balls. 

7). Rava Kesari

Rava Kesari is yet another sweet dish of Karnataka. The dish is made from semolina, ghee, dry fruits and Kesar (saffron). The Rava needs to be roasted duly to add texture to the sweet. There are numerous variations of Rava Kesari that include fruits like pineapple or banana for different flavours. 

8). Udupi Sambhar

Unlike the sambar from Kerala, Udupi sambar is a bit sweet with further spices. The sambar flavours correspond of red chillies, coconut, hing (asafoetida), coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds. The sambar is made up of chana and urad dal. Alternately, tuvar dal can also be used. Sambar is served along with dosa and idlis and also goes on with rice. 

9). Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda is a form of fried snack from Karnataka. They’re made from maida (all purpose flour) and yoghurt. They may also be prepared by using urad dal. They’re served with coconut chutney and can be consumed with sambar as well. 

10). Maddur Vada

Maddur vada gets its name from the Maddur city that’s 80 kilometres down from Bangalore. The vada has a crisp, hard crust and a soft core. The onion pieces in the vada make it veritably delicious and likeable by all. The vada is served with coconut or tomato chutney. 


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