10 Shocking Facts About The Mars. The Red Planet.

Wants to know Some Shocking Facts About mars The Red Planet. Then you are at the right article because here you will get to know 10 Shocking Facts About The Mars. The Red Planet.
Mars is a constant point of discussion for space explorers around the world. We ’ve transferred dozens of spacecraft there to study it. Some want to land astronauts on it. The earth is just far down to make that dream delicate, but just near enough to spark our imagination. So what are some of the most important effects to learn about the Red Planet? 
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Here are the 10 Shocking Facts About The Mars. The Red Planet.

1). Why it is Red In Colour

Mars is also known as the Red Planet. This is because Mars is covered in soil, gemstone, and dust made from iron oxide which gives the face a red gravel colour. 


2). Mars has 2 Moons

Mars has 2 moons called Deimos and Phobos. They’re named after the two nags that pull the Roman god of war, Mars’, chariot. They may be asteroids 

3). Takes 300 days from Earth to Reach Mars.

Mars is the 4th earth from the sun. It’s km (141 million country miles) down from the sun. It would take 300 days (around 8 months) to get there from Earth. 

4). On Mars 1 Year has 687 days long 

One time on Mars is 687 days long. That’s1.9 Earth times. This is because Mars is further down from the sun so it takes longer to circumvent it. 

5). The Temperature in the Axis of Mars is 25 degrees

The cock on the axis of Mars is 25 degrees which means that the earth gests seasons like we do on Earth as different corridor of the earth are closer to the sun at different times of its route. 

6). It has thin atmosphere

Mars has a thin atmosphere made from95.9 carbon dioxide and2.7 nitrogen. The atmosphere is so thin that it’s not thick enough to trap the sun’s heat so it’s veritably cold- ranging from-100 ℃ in downtime to 20 ℃ in summer. 

7). It has Water in the Ancient Times

Mars’ face has numerous channels, plains, and defiles which could have been caused by water corrosion (water wearing down the face). This could be substantiation that open water in liquid form formerly was on the face billions of times agone. 

8). Mars is home to Olympus Mons

Mars is home to Olympus Mons, a dormant flash point and the largest flash point and loftiest mountain in our solar system. It’s 16 country miles high and 600 km across the base, making it 3x the height of Mount Everest. 

9). We Send many Rovers to Mars

We transferred out Mars Rovers (which are like robots) on operations to explore Mars and collect samples and record scientific data for scientists on Earth to study. Some of these Rovers include Viking 1, Viking 2, Mars 2, Mars 3, Spirit, Phoenix, Pathfinder, Curiosity, and Occasion. 

10). There’s no substantiation of life on Mars.

There’s no substantiation of life on Mars. Still, it’s the earth with the stylish conditions to support life and scientists believe there’s eventuality for life under the face of blights because they lately plant water ice just under the face. 


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