10 interesting facts about hardik pandya Star all rounder of India.

Hardik Pandya is perhaps the most cherished cricketers in India right now. He is a quick bowling all-rounder and India, as a country, has been sitting tight for one since the incomparable Kapil Dev resigned from international cricket. So Yeah You Guess Right About Our Today’s Topic 10 interesting facts about hardik pandya in this article we will try to give maximum information about hardik pandya.
Hardik Pandya mirrors an ideal situation where ability beats a wide range of misfortune and achieves achievement. The Mumbai Indians star hails from an unassuming foundation. He is anyway a plentifully skilled cricketer who has become famous in an exceptionally limited capacity to focus time. He is promoted as the “man for the future’ by numerous current and previous players. So Let’s Start Our Today’s Topic 10 interesting facts about hardik pandya.

Here are 10 interesting facts about hardik pandya.

1). Hardik Pandya Was a Leg Spinner.

As of now, a dangerous fast bowling all-rounder Pandya wasn’t generally similar to that when he began playing. This would shock numerous that at first, Pandya was a leg spinner. During a match at his preparation institute, his side was one quick bowler short. 

That is when Kiran More found out if Pandya was intrigued to play as a quick bowler and rest is history. 

2). Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya are also known as ‘Maggi brothers’.

Hardik and his senior sibling Krunal were called ‘Maggi brothers’ during their adolescence as they loved eating Maggi. He failed in the 10th class and afterward left schooling to seek after cricket. 

3). Hardik Was dropped due to his attitude.

During a meeting to a site, Hardik uncovered that he was dropped from his state age-bunch groups because of his ‘attitude issues’. He added that he was ‘only an expressive kid who doesn’t prefer to shroud his feelings’. 

4). Nickname Of Hardik Pandya.

Each cricket player has different nicknames by which their colleagues call them. Hardik has his very own nickname that he got from the Mumbai Indian camp during an IPL season. 
He was nicknamed ‘Rockstar’ because of his playing style and non-verbal communication by his partners. 

5). Hardik Pandya Father Attachment towards Cricket.

If not for Hardik’s dad Himanshu Pandya he would not have been playing for India. His dad consistently adored cricket and needed his young men to play it for a calling. Even subsequent to having a place from a modest foundation his dad faced the challenge and moved from Surat to Baroda. 
The two Pandya siblings Hardik and Krunal then, at that point began preparing and turned out to be more engaged about the game.

6). Hardik Pandya is a Tattoo Lover.

A tattoo favour: Nowadays, numerous Indian cricketers have shown their affection for having body tattoos. Same is the situation for Pandya, as up until this point, he has four tattoos in his body. All the four look like changed importance, which turns out to be time is cash, accept, never surrender and a tiger tattoo. 

7). Married with Natasa Stankovic.

Pandya is tremendously well known for his destroy batting, particularly against the spinners, as he has on numerous occasions demonstrated that he is a small time armed force and can win matches without any help. Additionally, being hitched to Serbian-based dancer Natasa Stankovic, 

8). Holds this Massive Records.

Crushed 39 in an over: And, that too without hitting six sixes. Indeed, you read it right. Pandya holds this interesting record in homegrown cricket. It was during a match in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy, where he hit five sixes and a four, trailed by a no-ball and four runs off a bye.

9). Came from Very Poor Family.

Pandyas’ financial condition was extremely feeble and a few group close the family likewise say that they could barely bear the cost of one meal a day. Yet, this doesn’t stop Hardik and Krunal. They buckled down independent of their monetary position. Kiran Moore was so intrigued with their ability and difficult work that he didn’t take any charges from them for the initial 3 years. 

10). Also Known as ‘West Indian Of Baroda’.

Pandya is an extremely flashy person on and off the field. He plays the game with a major grin on face and keeps things exceptionally straightforward. As a result of hence showy style and beautiful disposition, he is prevalently known as the ‘West Indian of Baroda’.


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