10 Amazing facts about red fort. Dark Secrets of Red Fort.

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While there are plenitude of top- notch sightseer destinations in the world, Delhi is one similar destination that you can not indeed suppose about giving it a miss. Delhi, a potpourri of old and new or traditional and ultramodern, has long been witnessing a major knob of holidaymakers from every niche and corner of the world. 
Delhi, the pride and not to mention the capital of India, is literally brimming with must visit sightseer lodestones. With a plethora of effects to see and do, the capital takes an immense pride in boasting about the Red Fort – one of the most important castles catching the fancy of every sightseer doing India for the first or third time. 
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Here are 10 Amazing facts about red fort. Dark Secrets of Red Fort.

1). The original Colour of Red Fort is White.

Yes, it’s called the Red Fort, but it wasn’t firstly erected that way. As per the Archaeological Survey of India, corridor of the structure were made of lime gravestone. When the white gravestone started dicing off, the structure was painted red by the British. 


2). The fort owes its name to the boundary walls.

The high boundary walls were meant to give maximum security to the royals. Since it was constructed in red gravestone and bricks the British called it Red Fort, and the natives restated it to the Lal Qila. 

3).  Qila-e-Mubarak is the Past Name of Red Fort.

The Red Fort as we know it, was actually called Qila-e-Mubarak or the blessed stronghold. The monument was constructed when Mughal emperor Shah Jahan decided to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi. 

4). It tooks over 10 years to Build.

It’s relatively egregious that with limited ministry, construction in those days took longer. But 10 times! Ustad Hamid and Ustad Ahmed, the pioneering engineers of Shah Jahan’s time, started the construction in 1638 and eventually completed it in 1648. 

5). Red Fort has also a Water Gate.

There’s a third minor exit to the stronghold. Firstly on the beachfront it was meant to insure easy access to the swash Yamuna. Still, over the times, the course of the swash changed but the name remained. 

6). The Rang Mahal was named quite aptly.

The Rang Mahal-literally meaning the palace of colours- was the hearthstone of the emperor’s women, concubines and maids. The emperor being one lucky man, lived right coming door in the Khas Mahal so that he could visit the palace for regale, or perambulation over for coffee. Still, the entry for others, except the tycoons was interdicted. 

7). Bahadur Shah was tried by the British in his own fort.

Bahadur Shah was tried in his own ancestral home by the British on charges of disloyalty. The trial that took place in Diwan-i-Khas in front of British court plant Shah Zafar shamefaced, after which he was stripped of his title and expatriated to Rangoon ( now Myanmar). 

8). The British leaves the Fort with all the Values.

At the end of the Mughal rule, the British took over the stronghold. They not only stripped it of its valuables and vended them, but also damaged monuments and structures outside. The drain of wealth proposition is actually unequivocal in this case! 

9). The UNESCO has named the Red Fort as a world heritage point in 2007.

The UNESCO has named the Red Fort as a world heritage point in 2007 for its literal and artistic significance. An architectural wonder India should be proud of. 

10). On Every Republic Day PM Of India Gives Speech on Red Fort.

Since the first Independence Day, the PM gives a speech from the Red Fort every Independence Day. 


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