Why south korea is Different ? 10 Shocking Facts About south korea ?

Not very far in the past, south korea was a little, agricultural country cut off to a large part of the world. Notwithstanding, nowadays that is quickly changing and is viewed as quite possibly the most famous vacationer locations because of its rich history and astounding food scene (in addition to other things). 
south korea has unquestionably been getting an expanding measure of exposure all throughout the planet. In Asia, it’s a great deal about K-pop, beautifiers, and Korean dramatizations. In the West, we frequently hear news about their neighbors up North. Individuals from one side of the planet to the other catch wind of South Korea’s affection for plastic medical procedure. These variables have prompted a more noteworthy interest in South Korea and examining the Korean language. 
Other than the mainstream purposes behind the nation’s distinction, there are numerous facts about south korea that you don’t catch wind of until you are really encountering regular daily existence here. The uplifting news is, you don’t need to sit tight for that!

Here are The 10 Shocking Facts About south korea. 

1). Baby’s born in South Korea are considered “one year old” when they are conceived, and will turn two on the following Lunar New Year. 100 days after their introduction to the world, a festival is held for the child.
2). Taekwondo is the national game of South Korea. It’s accepted to have been designed around 2,000 years before.
3). Red ink is viewed as misfortune in South Korea. Composing an individual’s name in the shading means the individual is dead, or will dead soon.
4). South Korea is the world leader in network(internet). Around 92% of the country’s populace are on web, and they brag the world’s with the fastest network speed.
5). Lotte World, a significant entertainment community in Seoul, is home to one of the biggest indoor amusement parks on the planet, just as an open air carnival, a counterfeit island associated by monorail, shopping centers, galleries, and then some.
6). “Have you eaten well?” is a typical hello in South Korea, utilized the manner in which an American may ask “How are you?”
7). The number 4 is viewed as misfortune as it is composed the same way as the Chinese person for death. The number is frequently supplanted with the letter “F,” like when utilizing a lift.
8). South Korean Students are needed to take a college placement test known as the sooneung. On the morning of the test, loved ones assemble at secondary schools to give out treats and wish understudies best of luck.
9). Teaching is perhaps the most esteemed and well-paying positions in the country. By and large, instructors make $2,500 each month with educators at tuition based schools and colleges making more. 
10). It’s anything but a law in South Korea that web based banking and shopping should be done through Internet Explorer.

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