Exercise to increase height proven and effective.

Height place a very important role in a human personality for you can say that human personality and looks depends on their height but some people do not have decent height but don’t worry today we will tell you some effective exercise to increase height and I am sure that these exercise and workout will surely help you to increase your height.


The best possible way to increase height is naturally combining an exercise routine with the right diet. Not only increasing height, these exercises also help in toning and strengthening your muscles and also increase hormones which are responsible for increasing height. But you have to follow the entire routine daily so that you can see the results very soon. 

exercise to increase height

So let’s start today’s topic: Proven workout and exercise to increase height. I am sure that you will follow the entire routine daily so that your height will increase in a very short time.


Proven workout and exercise to increase height.


The exercise chart provided below is 100% effective and proved. The only thing you need to do is to follow the entire chart daily and on time. Hence I am damn sure that you will surely increase your height.




Routine for exercise to increase height.



1). Super cobra stretch


Super cobra stretch (exercise to increase height)

You need to start your exercise and workout routine with super cobra stretch as it is very helpful for height gaining. Super cobra stretch increase the hormones that lead for height gaining and also contract muscles that helps for gaining height.


Pattern – first you need to keep your arms perpendicular to the floor with the arched spine. Now band your hips, bring your body up to form an inverted v position. 


Note – keep your chin tuck towards the chest and then return to the original position while doing super cobra stretch.


Set – 2

Repetition – 10 ( 10-20 second each)


2). Pelvic shift


Pelvic shift

The pelvic shift is very helpful for stretching the body as it will stretch your body from the spine and also your hips. It also helps to increase hormones that lead to height gaining. The pelvic shift plays a vital role for gaining height.


Pattern – start off by lying on your back. Now it’s time to place your shoulders and arms on the floor. After that bend your knees and draw your feet as close to your buttocks as you can.


Note – you need to arch your back to thrust your pelvis upwards while doing pelvic shift.


Set – 3

Repetition – 20 ( 20-30 second each)



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3). Bar hanging ( Best for exercise to increase height)


Bar hanging (exercise to increase height)

The bar hanging is the most convenient and effective exercise in the entire routine. As it adversely affects gravity and compresses your spine and joints and also increases height gaining hormones.


Pattern – There is no regular or fixed pattern in this exercise. The only thing you need to do is to hang on any vertical bar available at your home or at the gym for 10 minutes. The results in increasing the height by 1 to 2 inches, but not instantly. 


Note – Hanging on the vertical bar cause the lower torso’s weight to stretch the spine and decreases the pull on the vertebras.


Set – 2

Duration – 10 min 


4). Hopping with one leg 


Hopping with one leg  (exercise to increase height)

Hopping with one leg is one of the simplest exercises in the entire routine. This exercise can be done anywhere you can also do this exercise by watching a movie or at any park. It helps to stretch your body, gaining muscle and increase hormones that lead to height gaining.


Pattern – First point your hands towards the sky and then start hopping on your left leg. After that again point your hands towards the sky and then start hopping on your right leg. 


Note – This exercise (Hopping with one leg) is very beneficial for brain development and strengthening of legs.


Set – 5

Repetition – 10


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5). Cat stretch 


Cat stretch

Cat stretch is very helpful to stretch your spine and strengthen your shoulders and chest. Also it is very helpful to stretch your hamstrings while putting stress on your stomach. By the way, the cat stretch is also known as Indian dandvat. Cat stretch is very beneficial for blood circulation.


Pattern – First you have to put the arms locked out and then put your hands and knees on the floor. Now inhale while flexing your spine down and exhale while you bring your spine up with your hand down. 


Note – keep your elbow straight and shoulder high while doing cat stretch.


Set – 3

Repetition 5 (3-8 second each)


6). Forward spine stretch


Forward spine stretch for height gaining

Forward spine stretch is very helpful to flex your body. It also helps to increase your stamina and will make you muscles flexible. It is very crucial exercise for gaining height.


Pattern – Keep your feet in front and sit up straight. Your legs should be extended about your shoulders with apart and your feet should be flexed.  And now extend your arms and inhale deeply. 


Set – 2

Repetition – 10 


Hope you enjoy the article Exercise to increase height proven and effective Hope this article helps you to find the best workout chart to increase you height rapidly. if you have any Queries or Questions related to it definitely you will give suggestions to us because it helps us to improve our Content.

How to make 6 packs at home.

Having a six pack body is a dream of every guy. But it is very difficult to make a six pack easily. You have to work so hard to get six pack abs but not only hard work but also you have to spend lots of money on your body to get six pack abs. You have to spend on Gym subscriptions, supplements, protein and vitamins etc. But what if I say you can get your six packs abs at home would you believe it of course not but yeah it’s true you can make your six pack abs at home and hands we are here presenting you How to make 6 packs at home.


6 packs animated



But before you start you need to understand that you can make your six pack abs at home. only if you follow our provided exercise and workout routine daily.

So let’s start today’s topic: How to make 6 packs at home. I hope you will read the full article and follow the provided exercise and workout routine daily and I assure you that if you follow this exercise and workout pattern constantly you will definitely get results very soon.




How to make 6 packs at home

Just follow our provided exercise and workout pattern and hence you will definitely see results in a very short period




Exercise and workout pattern for 6 packs abs



1). Oblique crunch


Oblique crunch for abs

Pattern – just lie on your back with your bent knees and flat feet on the floor. Then put your right hand behind your head with your elbow flared out and keep your left palm perpendicular down to your torso. Now contract your abs to lift your shoulders off the floor and rotate your body to bring your right elbow towards your left knee.

Slowly lower and repeat all your reps before swapping sides.


Set – 1

Reps – 20

Rest – 2 Minutes



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2). Hanging leg raises


Hanging leg raises

It is the most effective and hardest abs exercise but it will surely help to get your abs faster. But it does need a pull up bar to work but don’t worry you can still do it at your home with any suitable essentials available at your home.

Pattern – Hold up pull up bar or any available essential at your home tightly and lower yourself into a dead hang. Keep your legs straightened and pull your pelvis back slightly. Now raise your legs until your thighs are perpendicular to your torso.


Set – 1

Reps – 15

Rest – None




3). Spider man press ups

Spider man press ups

The Spider-Man press ups help to target your core and it will also target your chest and triceps like any other press up. It helps to increase core muscles and also provides stability.

Pattern – Set your body at a press up position now lower yourself towards the floor and bring your right knee to your right elbow keeping it off the ground. The next thing is to press up and return your leg to the starting position. You have to repeat it with the alternate leg.


Set – 1

Reps – 15

Rest – None




4). Star plank

Star plank

This exercise helps your body to get back in position as plank engages your entire body as your core works to centre yourself. The exercise is very helpful in the entire process.

Pattern – For a start plank you have to walk your toes and palms out and away from your body. After you do that it will make an x shape. To keep a flat line from your head to your hips and toes brace your core. You have to hold for the required time then walk back.


Sets – 1

Reps – 1 minutes

Rest – 2 minutes


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5). Crunches


Crunches are the most effective and helpful workout in the entire process as it helps as a core – bursting kit such as the ab roller, ab lounge and circle pro. It is also very helpful on humble crunch.

Pattern – At a 90° Angle you have to lie flat on your back with your knees bent. After that place your hand on either side of your head. Slowly push your lower back into the floor as you lift your shoulders a few inches off the floor.


Sets – 1

Reps – 20

Rest – None




6). Sit ups

Sit ups

Bend your knees and lie down on the floor. Make sure that your feet will not move in the entire process. Now place your hands behind your head and tense your core as you lift your torso up so your upper body forms of v shape with your thighs.


Sets – 1

Reps – 25

Rest – None




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5 Best Home theatre Under Rs 5000 in india (June 2022).

Wants to know The best Home theatre for your home that feels you Like you are sitting at theatre. So let’s start with 5 Best Home theatre Under Rs 5000 in india (June 2022).


For the entertainment suckers who love to watch their favorite pictures at home, the home theatre systems are the crucial thing to consider. With the wide range of models and exceptional sound rates, the home theatres are getting immensely popular among the buyers in India. And after the recent epidemic hit the world, utmost entertainment suckers prefer buying a decent quality home theatre system on which they can enjoy their favorite pictures and television shows with their family without stepping outside their home.





The home theatre systems offer outstanding sound quality at home and by choosing the most suitable hometheatre according to your room design and requirements, you can fluently get the theatre- suchlike experience at home without making a heavy investment. Though you can conclude for the high- end home theatre systems for your home, we will suggest you to stick to amid-range home theatre setup that can help you make a better and valued theatre- suchlike experience at home. For the normal homeowners, we will suggest a budget of 5000. At the price point, you can fluently get a great sounding home theatre system which you can eclipse up with the large and high- resolution display to make it an ideal setup for outstanding home entertainment.


So let’s start our Today’s Topic 5 Best Home theatre Under Rs 5000 in india (June 2022).


Here are 5 Best Home theatre Under Rs 5000 in india (June 2022).


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1). Philips SPA8140B/94 Speakers System



This4.1 channel speaker comes in a cool black colour and is rated the stylish home theatre system under 5000 for its value for plutocrat. Featuring a set of 5 speakers altogether, this home theatre is able of producing a great audio quality for casual and delightful moments in a small home. Neither too big nor too small in size, it’s fated to make your living space also look swish and majestic. The Philips home theatre features the rearmost Bluetooth system allowing for flawless connectivity of colorful bias. Further, it comes with a radio and an inbuilt FM tuner, letting you comfortably tune into and enjoy your favourite radio stations any time of day

2). F&D F550X 56W 2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker



A classic home theatre under 5000, the F&D F550X speakers include a swish black press subwoofer and two fresh speakers, all sporting an all black finish withmulti-colour LED lights. The subwoofer is known for its top- quality bass, and for those bass suckers, a thumping- suchlike effect for your music. With the capability to an exceptional sound affair at their peak, these speakers give a lively compass sound to impeccably round a lovely cinematic viewing experience. You do n’t have to be bothered about connecting your widgets or syncing your playlists as this home theatre system comes with wireless Bluetooth streaming and an infrared remote control that make it one of F&D’s stylish home theatre under 5000.


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3). iBELL IBL2045DLX 5.1 Home Theatre




This system is regarded as one of the stylish home theatres under 5000 in India for its design and connectivity. Sure to make your home scenery pop, these speakers feature a lustrous black design with a neon-blue backlight upon switch on. This speaker is durable and known to produce a beautiful compass sound of superior clarity that makes watching pictures a dream. Its Bluetooth range of a whopping 10m or 30ft allows you to seamlessly connect any device from anywhere around your house making it one of the stylish home theatre systems under 5000 with Bluetooth. It also features an inbuilt FM tuner for your radio listening and remote control for a accessible and hassle-free listening experience.

4). Mitashi HT 5060 BT 2.1 Home Theatre



This Mitashi Home Theatre system delivers a luxurious experience, a PMPO of 3500 watts that gives it a demitasse clear audio. It comes in a swish black and blue design, one that’s protean and goes with any home layout or home scenery. Its subwoofer produces rich deep bass tones that are sure to heighten any music suckers harkening experience. One of the stylish home theatres under 5000 with Bluetooth connectivity enables the speaker to connect multiple bias without any issues whatsoever. Its completely functional remote gives the stoner superior playback control from a distance.

5). LG – LK72B Boom Blastic Speakers



This home theatre system features a speaker affair of 40W, an Advanced EQ and a Bass Blast technology that delivers enhanced bass quality and audio clarity. Design-wise, these speakers come in black and red and are fluently wall mountable. thus these speakers take up lower space in your room while also making the space look elegant and majestic cause of its aesthetic design. Its rearmost Bluetooth connectivity allows for flawless device connection and easy wireless train sharing. It comes with a remote that allows the stoner to simply control the position of bass allowing for a perfect customized listening experience.


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Unknown and Interesting Facts about Siddhu Moosewala. Heart of India.

Wants to know Some of the Unknown and Interesting Facts about Siddhu Moosewala. Heart of India.

Popular Punjabi singer turned politician Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead on Sunday near Mansa. The singer had a massive fan following on social media with more than 8 million followers on Instagram and 10.9 million on YouTube. The singer was known for his Punjabi hip-hop music which left an indelible mark on his audience.


So let’s start our Today’s Topic Unknown and Interesting Facts about Siddhu Moosewala. Heart of India.


Siddhu moosewala

Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Siddhu Moosewala.


Siddhu Moosewala


1). Early life and Inspiration of Siddhu moosewala.


Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu turned into born in Moosa village of Mansa district and began out calling himself Sidhu Moosewala after making his access into the track industry. He turned into an engineering graduate and had an hobby in hip-hop track due to the fact that his faculty days. He turned into additionally noticeably encouraged through American rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur.

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2). How he started his Career.


Moosewala began out his profession as a songwriter however he got here to reputation through making a song songs like ‘Issa Jatt’, ‘So High’, ‘Warning’, ‘Famous’, Legend’, ‘Shots’, ‘Bambiha Bole’, ‘Game’ and ‘Tibeyan Da Putt’ among others. With simply 5 years withinside the industry, his track crowned in charts like Canada, UK, Asia, creating a worldwide sensation in no time.

3). Last album of Siddhu moosewala is ‘The Last Ride’.

One of his songs ‘The Last Ride’ poster confirmed crime scenes from Tupac’s assassination, and the alternative music titled ‘295’ depicts the date on which he died that has left all of us in shock.

4). Also Casted in Films ‘Mossa Jatt’ and ‘Yes I am Student’.


Apart from making a song and rapping, Sidhu Moosewala additionally showcased his performing abilities presenting in films like ‘Moosa Jatt’ in 2021 and ‘Yes I am Student’ once more in 2021. The gifted singer these days were given into politics as he joined Congress for contesting meeting elections final year in December, however were given defeated.


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5). He had moved to Canada in his early days for research


He had moved to Canada in his early days for research wherein he went directly to launch his first music ‘G-Wagon’ wherein he did gangster rap collabs that now no longer handiest were given him reputation however additionally induced controversies for glorifying violence and gun way of life and additionally hurting spiritual sentiments of Sikh community.




Hope you enjoy the article 5 Interesting Facts about Siddhu Moosewala. Heart of India. Hope this article helps you to find some information about the Siddhu moosewala. If you like the article please share it with your friend and if you have any Queries or Questions related to it definately you will give suggestions to us because it helps us to improve our Content.

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5 Best Raincoat for Men under Rs 1000. Rough and Tough Use.

Wants to know Some best and durable Raincoats for men in this rainy season. Then you are at the right article because here you will get to know 5 Best Raincoat for Men under Rs 1000. Rough and Tough Use.

Whenever you’re traveling during the thunderstorm, whether it’s for a long holiday or just for a short trip to the grocery store, you have to keep yourself defended from the downfall. If you keep yourself dry and warm also you wo n’t have to worry about falling sick or getting hurt.

A good mac can help you achieve this outgrowth. If you love hiking or touring also a mac will act like your stylish friend to insure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest without having to worry about being wet or sick. But, with so numerous brands and products to choose from, it can come slightly confusing to find the best- suited mac for yourself.

In this composition, we will bandy a many crucial features that you should look out for when looking for a mac for yourself and a list of products for you to compare and elect from

So Read the Full Article to know 5 Best Raincoat for Men under Rs 1000. Rough and Tough Use.

Here are the 5 Best Raincoat for Men under Rs 1000. Rough and Tough Use.

1). THE CLOWNFISH Rain Coat for Men Waterproof for Bike

  • Material Made From Polyester Fabric Construction This Reversible Use Rainwear Is Made From Double Concentrated Polyester Fabric. Every Common Is Seam Sealed With Fresh Leak Evidence Stitching Making It Fully Leakproof. Overlaying Delirium With Snap Buttons Over Zippers Prevents Water Seepage.
  • It Also Comes With High Collars And Adjustable Hood. Small Inner Pocket To Cover Mobile Or Any Other Precious Particulars. Good Quality Elastics In Trousers Makes It Super Comfortable To Wear.
  • Safety Front And Back Reflective Stripes Assure Safety While Travelling In Low Lighting.
  • Easy Storehouse Available With Zipper Bag For Easy Storage. Can Comfortably Carry In Your Pack Or Your Bike Storage Compartment For Handy Use

2). Bulfyss Double Layered Polyester Rain Coat Suit for Men 100% Waterproof

  • 100 Leakproof – The rain suit is guaranteed leakproof due to high viscosity polyester and sealed seams.
  • Unique Design – Bulfyss mac have two big leakproof pockets in the front, which makes it accessible and 2 pockets on the inside, one of them is for mobile. The double seal design prevents the water leakage at the zipper position.
  • Breathability & Quick- drying – Air- inflow rotation make your sense comfortable. In stormy conditions, you need to stay as dry as possible to avoid hypothermia.
  • Suitable For Multiple Occasions – This featherlight and the movable leakproof rain gear is impeccably for diurnal work, golf, fishing, hiking, camping, cycling, manufactories, Road construction, timber crop, husbandry, mining, ockyards, forestry, serviceability, stalking, food processing etc. It’s great for all occasions to wear.
  • Prefect Raingear Size – This light rain jacket suit fit normal Indian sizes to give maximum comfort and loose fit, so please do check our sizing map. We’re confident to tell you that you’ll be in love with this rain suit.

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3). Amazon Brand – Solimo Water Resistant Polyester Long Rain Coat

  • Made from 200 GSM polyester material which is durable and water- resistant
  • Overspreading delirium over the zipper prevents water seepage
  • Front and back reflective stripes assure safety while travelling in low lighting
  • Front pockets for carrying diurnal rudiments
  • Elastic quadrangle on wrists for comfortable fit
  • Leak- evidence stitching
  • Available with zipper bag for easy storehouse Small back poke available for the hoodie Package contents 1 black long mac( Size L)

4). THE CLOWNFISH Rain Coat for Men Waterproof for Bike

  • Confines Top Sleeve Length from Shoulder- 29 elevation, Casket- 54 elevation, Length- 32 elevation. The Bottom or Pant Length is 41 elevation. Ideal fit for shirt size XL.
  • Material Made from High Quality PVC fabric
  • Construction Every joint is confluence sealed making it fully leakproof. Overlaying delirium with snap buttons over zippers prevents water seepage and insure defense from harsh rainfall conditions. It also comes with high collars, malleable hood and side fund with delirium for added protection. Good quality elastics in trousers and bond makes it super comfortable to wear.
  • Disclaimer The Clownfish is a listed brand of SKY VENTURE. Only SKY VENTURE has the rights to vend this product on Amazon. Sky Venture has not authorised any other merchandisers to vend this product. Any other merchandisers dealing this product are presumably dealing fakes so guard.

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5). CAMISON Men Raincoat

  • Care Instructions Hand Wash Only
  • Fit Type Regular Fit
  • SIZE?- You should Buy one size bigger than your Shirt, but exact size of shirt can also be NICE.
  • @DON ’ T Solicitude, HEAD COVER( HOOD) IS ALSO ATTACHED WITH IT Protects you fully indeed in Heavy Rain, & Carry Poke( bag) is also handed.
  • The main previous thing is that, Its Proudly MADE IN INDIA & You know, It’s Double Subcaste( 2 subcaste of different colour with each other) & Reversible( means Buy 1 mac, use it like you have 2 mackintoshes) Thats really Great!!. You’ll also suitable to use while driving two wheeler indeed in Heavy rain. We try to transport Snappily so you get it sooner.


Hope you enjoy the article 5 Best Raincoat for Men under Rs 1000. Rough and Tough Use. Hope this article helps you to find some information and find some ease in finding some Raincoats for you. If you like the article please share it with your friend and if you have any Queries or Questions related to it definately you will give suggestions to us because it helps us to improve our Content.

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How WhatsApp Makes Money, Business Model of WhatsApp.

Wants to know some amazing knowledge about WhatsApp that how WhatsApp earns money. Then you are at the right article because here you will get to know How WhatsApp Makes Money, Business Model of WhatsApp.

From ‘Good Morning’ messages of the family, to the fake messages of WhatsApp University, today, WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app in the world. They have more than 2 billion monthly active users..Meaning that 25% of the population of the world.use this one app. But have you ever wondered, since this app is completely free to use, and there are no ads on this app,so

So Read the Full Article to know How WhatsApp Makes Money, Business Model of WhatsApp.


how does this company WhatsApp earn money?

come let’s understand the Business Model of WhatsApp. WhatsApp was founded in the year 2009, by two people: Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Before this, the two had worked together at Yahoo! for 9 years. And when they left Yahoo! they were applying for jobs at various companies, they applied to Facebook but were rejected. They applied to Twitter but were rejected from there as well.

In fact, in 2009, Brian Acton had famously tweeted, in it, he had written that he had applied for a job at Twitter, but he was rejected, but he wasn’t too disappointed because the commute would’ve been too long. He tweeted something similar after being rejected from Facebook. Ironically, just 5 years after this, Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion. But before this, it is interesting to know

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where did they get the idea of creating WhatsApp?

Jan Koum used to frequent gyms, and there he realised that he wouldn’t be able to receive the calls of his friends. He kept on missing calls. That made him think that there should be an app, that would should a status that he was in the gym at the moment, so that his friends could see the status and understand that since he’s in the gym, they shouldn’t call him then. On this basic idea, he created the app WhatsApp. It’s interesting to note that this app didn’t have messaging. You couldn’t send messages to anyone. Like you can do so now on WhatsApp. This app was simply WhatsApp.

The word WhatsApp came from the words ‘What’s up?’ Like you ask people, “What’s up? How are you doing?” On this app, you could simply let others know what you were up to. Meaning that you could simply post your status on this app. You could write that you were in the gym. And the app would notify the rest of your friends, that you’re in the gym. When you change your status, this app notified your friends and contacts. This app was created for doing merely this, initially. But eventually, he realised that some of the users of this appnwere using the status as messages.NWhen one would change the status to doing something, their friends might update their status with whatever they were doing.

So the first person would update their status yet again, in response. Similarly, people started using these as messages. Then they thought that it would be better to make the app a messaging service. And this idea was a huge success. Because back in 2009, there was only one other app on which one could message others for free. That was the BlackBerry’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). The problem with it was that you had to have a BlackBerry phone. So only the users of BlackBerry phones could use BBM.

And WhatsApp filled in a gap here. The users of other phones felt the need for a free messaging app, and WhatsApp became that app. Within days, it was downloaded over 200,000 times. WhatsApp started receiving funding from investors. WhatsApp’s popularity skyrocketed on its own. Without any marketing or ads. Because users liked it so much that they told their friends about it.

Those friends told their friends, and WhatsApp saw organic growth. As you’d remember, around 2009, these telephone companies used to charge a lot of money for sending each SMS. Calling rates were based on minutes per call. They were quite expensive. And here was a clearcut free option so people started using WhatsApp. Within the next 2 years, this app became one of the top 10 apps in the AppStore. This was true for almost every country. Except for America.

In America, in 2009, most of their telephone companies had flat rates for SMSs, and free calling minutes.NSo this wasn’t a great incentive for the Americans to use WhatsApp.NThey continued with using SMSs.NAnd even today, the USA is one of the worst performing markets for WhatsApp.

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Can you imagine it?

WhatsApp saw its growth due to European, Asian and African countries. Talking about money, initially, there weren’t many expenses to run WhatsApp. They had a small team, they had built a simple app. They weren’t spending money on marketing or running ads. So the biggest expense of running WhatsApp was actually the cost of sending SMSs. The verification text that WhatsApp sends when a user joins it,

so the one SMS per user they had to send for verification, was their biggest expense at the time.


Where could they get money for this?

They had received some investments. With their success, more companies wanted to invest in them. They would give them money in exchange for their shares. But the investments weren’t exactly pouring in. So they came up with a new business model. WhatsApp started charging its users $0.99 about $1 per year, they started charging their users to use this app. You heard it right, WhatsApp wasn’t a free app anymore. They started charging $1.

But despite that, the user experience of their app was so good, and the app worked so smoothly, on top of it, new features were being added, like you could now send photos over WhatsApp. Their growth continued. By 2011, their app had become the top app in the AppStore. Acton was clear about one thing. He had stuck a note on his table. “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!” He didn’t want to run any ads on WhatsApp. Nor did he want to add features that had no greater purpose.

He wanted to keep the app simple and to the point. The app built for messaging. He wanted the app to be so good at that one thing that no other app could compete with it. And people keep on using it. Their $1 Business Model was very successful. Within 3 years, WhatsApp became a profitable company. All the money they earned was spent on their small team. So that new features could be added to WhatsApp. The problems in the software could be rectified. And a reliable messaging app could be created. They claimed that their product was their passion.

And that the users’ data wasn’t something that interested them. That they had no interest in taking users’ data. But after this, Facebook makes an entry in our story. And this Model started crumbling apart from here. Mark Zuckerberg was trying to buy WhatsApp since 2012. But this deal was finalised in February 2014. And WhatsApp is taken over for $19 billion by Facebook. And the employees working in WhatsApp, now became Facebook employees. WhatsApp founders had a meeting with Google CEO Sundar Pichai as well. But no deal was finalised with Google.

Facebook was so desperate to buy WhatsApp, because WhatsApp was the biggest competition of Facebook Messenger. And by 2014, several other messaging applications had popped up in competition. Like WeChat, Kik, Line and Viber. Facebook wanted to buy WhatsApp so that there’d be no significant competition after they own both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Apart from this, WhatsApp had access to the user data of so many people, and Facebook realised that they could use this user data to earn more money.

After this deal, Acton and Koum, the founders of WhatsApp became billionaires overnight. If you’re wondering about their reason to sell WhatsApp, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg had told them that they would allow them to run WhatsApp independently even after the acquisition. That there would be no interference in their work. Thus they agreed to sell it. It sounds like a good deal. They get the money and don’t even have to compromise on their values. But there is no happy ending in this story. Because there were constant conflicts between Facebook and WhatsApp over the next years. The team of WhatsApp and its founders and the way Facebook was pressurising them. In January 2016, we get to know that WhatsApp had removed its $1 fees. And WhatsApp became a completely free application again. The reason behind it is said to be that there are many countries like India where people don’t have credit cards.

So they weren’t able to pay the $1 fee, and many people were actually unable to afford it. In this case, making this a free app helps in developing a larger user base, so they decided that since they wanted to expand and have more users for their app, they would have to make the app free to use.

The question then arose, what should be the Business Model?

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How should they earn money?

During this time, it was being said that WhatsApp would try to get into partnerships with businesses and would try to find a source of revenue from there. At the same time, Mark Zuckerberg was being pressured by his investors because $19 billion had been paid to WhatsApp and so they needed to make some money out of it somehow. Somehow they had to justify the purchase and show that it was profitable.

They had to make WhatsApp profitable quickly. In a way where they could earn more money from WhatsApp. In turn, Mark pressurised the founders of WhatsApp. Fed up with this, the founders of WhatsApp gave up finally in March 2017, they couldn’t take it anymore. Brian Acton resigned from his job in September 2017. A few months later, Jan Koum left WhatsApp too. Saying that Facebook’s opinion on Data Privacy, and the Business Model that Facebook wants to force on WhatsApp aren’t what he agreed to. And that he couldn’t tolerate those in any manner. And so he was leaving WhatsApp.

Friends, you can say that after 2018, Mark Zuckerberg established his control over WhatsApp. Brian Acton went on to establish a non-profit Signal Foundation. With this, we got the new messaging application Signal. As you know, many people compare Signal with WhatsApp. And believe that Signal is a superior app in many aspects. It protects your Data Privacy, it’s a free application like WhatsApp.

And most importantly, it is a non-profit application. This time around, Brian decided that he didn’t want to get entangled in Business Models, because whenever they run after profits, they have to compromise on the principles of the company in some way or the other. That’s why Signal would remain a non-profit app, they wouldn’t worry about making money, they would ensure data privacy of the users, and would provide the users with a truly free messaging app. Thankfully, we could get an app like this.


So what happened to WhatsApp then?

What was the Business Model that Mark Zuckerberg cooked up? In 2018, Facebook launched the WhatsApp Business app. On this app, businesses could create their business profiles. And the verified businesses, can link their websites and Facebook pages, with this business profile. Facebook established a link between Facebook Pages and WhatsApp. People can use the business profiles to go on Facebook through the link. They created an excellent option of promoting Facebook.

The new users to visit the business profiles can now go to the Facebook Page with a click only. Although the WhatsApp Business application is completely free to use, but the Business API, is the source of revenue for WhatsApp. API is the Application Programming Interface. Basically, a medium through which multiple applications can communicate with each other. Or perform a function or a task. Let me explain this with an example. When you book a taxi on Uber, you would’ve noticed that the map on Uber, has the watermark of Google. Basically, Google Maps is providing its services to Uber. So that Uber can show a map on its app.

Google is obviously not the creator of Uber. Instead, what’s happening here is that Google Maps, is providing its API to Uber. It’s providing its Application Programming Interface to Uber. Similarly, WhatsApp is selling its API to businesses. If businesses want to interact with customers over WhatsApp, and to automatically respond to the queries, they can do so, But if they use WhatsApp’s API, they can even send shipping confirmation, appointment reminders and even sell event tickets to their customers. The revenue model is that if the businesses reply within 24 hours, sending the message is free for them. But if they need to reply after 24 hours, they have to pay a small fee then. The fees are calculated differently for different countries.

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Shocking Facts About Yash. The Rocking Star Of KGF.

Rocky Bhai aka Yash is the most popular Kannada cinema actor. He came the rising sensation and ménage name when the followership saw him in the movie KGF chapter 1. Yeah 😎 We are here with Shocking Facts About Yash. The Rocking Star Of KGF.

Yash was born on 8th January 1986 in Karnataka. Yash is a veritably well- known face of the Kannada cinema, who came into the limelight after he played the part of” Raja Krishnappa Bhairya/ Rocky” in the movie”K.G.F Chapter 1″.

Indeed after being so well- known, there are a lot of data that numerous people do not know about him.

So Read the Full Article Shocking Facts About Yash. The Rocking Star Of KGF.


Here are 5 Shocking Facts About Yash. The Rocking Star Of KGF.

1). Real name of Yash

Yash’s real name is Naveen Kumar Gowda. He came notorious by the name Yash during his acting trip.

2). Yash Father was a Bus Driver.

Yash’s father was a Bus motorist, and his mama a partner. Indeed after Yash came notorious his father kept driving a machine, and eventually stopped doing work in the time 2014.

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3). He was very famous actor in his School.

Since academy days Yash loved acting and he was a part of numerous plays in his academy and after getting a lot of appreciation for his amusement, he decided to do acting nearly every single day.

4). Yash is a College Dropout Person.

When he was about to finish his 12th standard, he decided to come a professional actor because of which he left his farther studies.

Rocky bhai

5). Directed a movie, but…

Being a part of numerous plays, Yash landed up working as an Assistant Director in a movie, allowing that his life will come much better, but just after a many days when the firing started, the directors of the movie backed out and he lost his job.

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What if India has 0% income tax ? Tax Free India

Wants to know impact of 0% Income tax on any country, then you are at the right article because here you will get to know What if India has 0% income tax ? Tax Free India.

Imagine, our Prime Minister appears on the TV tonight to make an announcement. “Friends, to protect you, to protect your family, tonight, midnight onwards, the Income Tax in the country will be abolished.” “Ta-ta, bye-bye.” “No citizen would have to pay any income tax any longer.” “India would now become a 0% Income Tax country.” Good news for all citizens.

So Read the Full Article to know What if India has 0% income tax ? Tax Free India.

Income tax

Don’t you find this quite unrealistic?

But it is not unrealistic. Because BJP MP Subramanian Swamy supports this. He says that to revive the economic growth of the country, Income Tax should be abolished. There are several countries in the world where no personal income tax exists. But for a large country like India, is it possible to do this? If yes, what will be its pros and cons?

“In the upcoming budget, the Government can make drastic decisions.” “Personal income tax and Simplification of taxation.” “Arun Jaitley tells the government to hold the IT forms.” “I propose to bring a new simplified personal income tax regime.” To understand this topic in-depth, there are some basics of taxation that you should know first.

So let’s begin from the beginning. Broadly speaking, there are two types of taxes collected by the Government. Direct taxes and Indirect taxes. Direct taxes are the taxes that you, as an individual or a company, pay to the Government directly. Such as the Corporate tax, Capital Gains tax, Property tax and Income tax, all fall under the category of direct taxes. Apart from these, there are Indirect taxes. These aren’t paid directly by the individual on whom the burden falls. A major example of this is the GST. Suppose the Government increases the GST on milk, then the milk manufacturers and the milk suppliers, will increase the cost of milk accordingly. And when you’ll go to the market to purchase milk, you will have to pay extra. The expense due to the increase in the GST, is being paid out of your pocket. But you’d pay that money to the suppliers and milk manufacturers. And then they will pay this extra GST to the government. Essentially, the cost of the GST, will be borne by you, but will be paid to the government by the milk suppliers and milk manufacturers.

Thus, this is an Indirect tax. Because you are paying this tax indirectly to the government. The Excise duty on petrol, diesel is also a good example of Indirect tax. Often, you will see people on social media and WhatsApp claiming that only 2% – 3% of the citizens actually pay taxes. This is an outright lie. Because if you consider taxes like the GST, not only every citizen of the country that purchases any good from any shop, on which GST is levied, is a taxpayer.

But also a foreigner that visits India who purchases something from a shop,

is a taxpayer. Every citizen, every foreigner that

comes to India, lives in India, everyone is a taxpayer. But when they claim that only 2%-3% of the citizens pay taxes, then they’re talking about Income Tax. There are very few citizens in the country that pay Income tax.

According to the data from February 2020, of the 1.3 billion population of the country, only 14.6 million Indians pay taxes. This is about 1% of the population of the country. The reason for this isn’t that many people aren’t paying the taxes, or are keeping black money, the reason is simply that a significant portion of citizens are so poor that they do not reach the exemption limit. Their income is not enough.

For this reason, the people that do pay the income tax, the salaried Income Taxpayers, feel that they are being exploited by the government. There are anyway so few people on whom so much income tax is levied and who do not get anything in return. For a businessman or a company, it is relatively easy to hide their income and evade paying tax, than compared to a salaried taxpayer. Because when a common man gets a salary, the income tax is already deducted from the salary before being paid. On top of it, the agriculture income isn’t taxed in India. You’d say that the farmers hardly earn anything.

What will be taxed?

But an RTI was filed in 2011, friends

that I’ll like to tell you about, that showed that there are about 700,000 individuals in the country who had earned millions from agriculture but paid zero taxes. So there are several rich farmers, or you can say some rich businessmen do farming, that earn millions from agriculture, But don’t pay any income tax

because in India, agricultural income is exempt from Income tax. This is said to be another reason why the income taxpayers feel exploited in India. But this was from the perspective of an individual. An even more important question is

Income tax time

how will the country benefit if Income tax is abolished?

The examples that I’ll state here are purely theoretical. Because no one knows for sure how the country would benefit. There are some presumptions, and arguments that are used in its favour by experts and economists. The first argument is that the money that the income taxpayers will save by not having to pay income tax, the income taxpayers will be able to spend it on other things, for their personal benefit or their pleasure. Leading to more money being circulated in the economy.

Increasing the economic growth of the country. The second argument is that the people who were liable to pay income tax but were hiding their money from the tax authorities, meaning the people with black money, by abolishing Income tax, their black money will be converted into white money. They wouldn’t need to hide the money. And they’d be able to openly use that money. Can get it deposited in banks.

Or if they openly use it to buy things, it will again lead to an increase in money circulation in the economy. Economic growth will be boosted. And the money that they will openly deposit in the banks, will lead to increased deposits with the banks, and the banks will be able to lend money to the public more easily, the interest rates will fall, causing people to borrow more spend more, and boosting economic growth further.

It is a very interesting argument, with a small problem. We do not know the exact figure of black money hidden by the citizens. The third argument is very simple, the money spent by the government to collect income tax, will then be saved. The website maintained by the government, the expense of maintaining documentation, the money spent on the income tax officers. And from an individual’s perspective, the person that spends his time to understand the various technical terms, for filing income tax returns, paying the accountants, all the hassle, time and money invested in these, all this time and money will be saved with the abolishment of Income Tax.

Till now I’ve told you the potential benefits of abolishing Income Tax.

Now let’s see the potential disadvantages of doing this. The biggest and clear cut disadvantage will be the revenue loss of the government. Look at this graph to know the exact revenue loss. This graph shows the % by which the various taxes add to the government’s revenue. After GST at 28.3%, it is the Income-tax from where the government’s 26.4% revenue is generated. About 1/4th of the tax revenue of the government will disappear if income tax is abolished.

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So where will this huge amount be recovered from?

It isn’t so that the government will let go of 26% of its tax revenue without being bothered by the loss. The government will want that the money they’d be losing out on would be recovered in some other form and source.

Tax time

How can this money be recovered?

The people favouring the abolishment of income tax, they argue that to some extent, it wouldn’t even be needed to be recovered, because the economic growth will prosper so well by abolishing income tax,that the remaining sources will draw in more money. The GST revenue of the government will increase. To compensate for this loss. Friends, here it will be very helpful to look at the countries where no income tax exists. There are about 23 countries in the world without an income tax. Where do the governments of those countries get their revenues from?

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How do they earn sufficient revenue?

Let’s look at them one by one. Perhaps the first country that you’d think of is the United Arab Emirates. There is neither a personal income tax nor a corporate tax in Dubai. In the UAE, oil companies are taxed and the corporate tax on them can even range up to 55%. Apart from this, the foreign banks operating in the UAE, are taxed up to 20% on their UAE based income. But other than these corporate taxes, in the UAE the entertainment tax is quite high.

That is levied on amusement parks and theatres. Other than these, the import duties are also high. When one imports alcohol from another country, then it can be taxed up to 50%.

Additionally, when the alcohol is sold, at the point of sale, it is taxed 30%. But overall, for the UAE, the answer to this question is Oil. And India does not have any oil to sell. So for India, this revenue source does not exist. Although interestingly, for the UAE to remain dependent on oil, is proving to be difficult. Because when the oil prices fall, the revenue of the Dubai government falls as well. That’s why countries like the UAE are trying to diversify their revenue sources.

That’s why in 2018, for the first time, 5% VAT was introduced in the UAE. So that the government may get a new revenue source. Of the 23 countries, 6 are like the UAE, that rely on oil for the functioning of their government.

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But what about the other countries?

There’s a European country called Monaco. A small country with no personal income tax. Monaco is a renowned tax haven where the rich want to stay. But it is a special case. This country is so small, and so many rich people live in this tiny area, that the property price here is extremely expensive. And the government collects 1% tax on the property being rented. The VAT here is quite high at 19.6%. And because so many rich people live in this overcrowded area, things have become very expensive here. The cost of living here is one of the highest in the world. If such a situation is created in India, then it will be terrible for the common people. Because no common man will be able to afford a cost of living this high. That’s why let’s move on to the next country. Bermuda. Bermuda has no oil, no personal income tax, no corporate tax.

So how does the government earn here?

The answer to this is the very high import duties in Bermuda. If you live in Bermuda, and you import something to Bermuda, since it is an island, you will have to import things, you’ll then have to pay very high import duties on them. 20% of the government’s revenue comes from import duties. There’s a vehicle tax of up to 150%. And there is also a land tax in Bermuda, which is as high as 47%. Apart from these, another revenue source of the government of Bermuda is the Payroll Tax, that’s similar to income tax. Because this is levied on the salaries of the employees. When the employees are paid by their employers, then this tax is imposed. Though it sounds like income tax, it is a bit different.

Because income tax is levied on every type of income. But the Payroll Tax is imposed only when salary is being paid. I think these examples are enough. You would’ve understood the basic concept. When the government lacks funds, it looks for other sources to earn revenue. So the Indian government will also need to find some source if the income tax in India is brought down to zero.And the other taxes don’t generate as much revenue as they expect as a result of abolishing income tax.

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