Tanay Chawda Story. How His Video’s Become Part Of Our Daily Life.

Cricket is the Heart Beat of Every Indian and that is only the reason why Every Kid of India Wants to Become a Cricketer. Imagine India Have 130 Crore + Population. But From 130 Crores People Only 11 Member Have The Opportunity to Represent India in Indian Cricket Team. But Apart from Cricket Do You Know What Makes Cricket Delicious ? Yeah Roasting and Memes. And Do You Know Who Makes Cricket Delicious in Your Country. Yeah it’s Our Favourite Youtuber Tanay Chawda.

It’s Only Tanay Who Changes Our Mood. Keeps Us Laugh. Even Our Favourite Team Lost The Match. And If a person Laughs You In Your Bad Time. It’s Insane Bro. One Minute What I Write insane, Okay Tanay Chawda also Has Channel Named Being insane. Being Insane is his Secondary Channel.

But Today We are Not Here For Telling his Name’s Of Channel. I am here to Tell How He Become Our Part of Our Daily Life. Why He Is So Catchy.
So Scroll Down To Find This Awesome Article. But First We Congratulates Tanay Bhai For Comleting 4 Lakh Family On YouTube.

Tanay videos a Part Of Our Daily Life.

Tanay Chawda Publish Daily Two Videos in The IPL Season. The Videos Which are Part Of Our Daily Life. The Videos For Which We Regularly Visit His Channel And Check For His Videos. But Why We are So Excited about his Videos. The Reason is His Loves Towards Cricket. He Loves Cricket So Much And Share His Emotions of the Match To Us That We Loves So Much. If You Want To Know Which Types of Emotions these Are You Have To Visit His Channel. I am Not Able to Share These Emotions Here. Due To You Know Right.
On The Normal Days He Publish Videos On the India Match Day or Any Match That are Filled With Craziness.

Favorite Section of the Video (Memes Meme Mama Review).

The Super Excited Part of his Video’s For Which We are Mad are Memes Meme Mama Review. On that Portion He Shares Funny Memes Related to the Match To The Audience. The Memes are Legit That Are Provided to Tanay Bhai By Their Audience on Social media Platforms. And After Collecting the Memes They Provide These Memes To Us. The Memes For That We are Excited For.

Channel of Tanay Chawda

Tanay Chawda Has Two Channel the Main Channel of Tanay Bhai is Tanay. He Changed the Name Of His Channel Three Times and Then Confirms The Name of Channel that is Tanay.

Being Insane is his Second Channel On Which He Publish Funny Videos That Are Related To Every Topic. But Unfortunately He Not So Active On This Channel. But We Have No Problem Because They are Providing Continues Content On his Main Channel.
1). Tanay 

2). Being Insane

On Behalf of That I Would like to Stongly Recommend You That If You Are a Cricket Lover You Have To Definately Visit Tanay’s Channel At Least One Time. Because I Am Sure if you Visit His Channel One Time You Automatically Become a Part of his Family.


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10 Unknown and interesting facts about sundar pichai. CEO of Google and Alphabet inc.

The name Sundar Pichai needs zero introduction. The CEO of tech giant Google and its parent organization Alphabet Inc is a fitting illustration of the colloquialism “the way to progress can be discovered uniquely through difficult work”. Yeah You Guess Right About Our Today’s Topic 10 Unknown and interesting facts about sundar pichai.

Mr Pichai’s excursion from unobtrusive beginnings to one of the world’s best experts younger than 50 is really uplifting. His complete name is Pichai Sundararajan yet is prominently known as Sundar Pichai. He was brought up in a working class family by his dad Raghunath Pichai, who was an electrical designer at General Electric Company (GEC), and his mom Lakshmi, who was a transcriber 
Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is an exceptionally fascinating character. He rose to this commended position through difficult work and his excursion to this position was not a simple one. His surprising model is a motivation a ton of hoping for youth. 
So Let’s Start Our Today’s topic 10 Unknown and interesting facts about sundar pichai, In this article I will try to give as much as possible information of sundar pichai.

Here are 10 Unknown and interesting facts about sundar pichai.

1). Early Struggle of Sundar Pichai.

Sundar Pichai was brought into the world in a Tamil family and his mom Lakshmi filled in as a transcriber while his dad Regunatha Pichai was an electrical engineer. Pichai spent his youth in a two-room house in Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

2). Joining of Sundar Pichai in Google.

He joined Google in 2004, where he drove the item the executives and advancement endeavors for a set-up of Google’s customer programming items, including Google Chrome a Chrome OS just as being to a great extent responsible for Google Drive. 

3). How Sundar Pichai Added Android.

On March, 2013, Pichai added Android to the rundown of Google items that he directed. 

4). How he Became CEO of Google.

He was chosen to turn into the following CEO of Google on August 10, 2015 after beforehand being delegated Product Chief by CEO, Larry Page.

5). Got degree from IIT Kharagpur India.

He has a degree in metallurgical designing from IIT Kharagpur.

6). Sundar Pichai Love’s Cricket and Football too Much.

Very few realize that while experiencing childhood in Chennai, Pichai was the Captain of his school cricket crew. Pichai loves to play football and cricket. In a meeting with NYT, Pichai uncovered about his affection for these games and said, “I had a great deal of time to peruse. I was additionally preparing a ton. I read whatever I could get my hands on. I read Dickens. Companions, playing road cricket, understanding books – that was somewhat the entirety of life. In any case, you never felt lacking for anything.” 

7). Wedded With her School Girlfriend.

Pichai wedded her school sweetheart Anjali, née Wiki. Both met at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and were colleagues. Anjali met Sundar when she was in her first year of IIT and turned out to be old buddies with him. Slowly, the team began dating and following a couple of long periods of romance, the couple sealed the deal. A few has two children. 

8). Pichai Remember all the Phone number which he dialed in his Life.

Sundar Pichai is additionally clearly gifted with a strange force of recollecting each telephone number he has at any point dialed. 

9). Competitors of Pichai.

Pichai was chosen as a competitor for Microsoft CEO in 2014 which was in the long run taken over by Satya Nadella. Sundar Pichai would have been working for Microsoft except if Google had the option to go all frantic in holding him by promising him $50 million per year in stocks. Pichai likewise struck features in 2011 when he was considered to supplant Jason Goldman as the VP of Product in Twitter. However, Pichai’s adoration for Google created him let the open door go.

10). Salary Net Worth of Sundar Pichai.

As per the yearly intermediary documenting made by with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Pichai’s ‘base’ pay was $2 million (generally Rs 15 crore) in 2020. In the documenting, Alphabet specifies, “For 2020, the Leadership Development and 
Remuneration Committee expanded Sundar’s base compensation to $2.0 million in acknowledgment of his extended job as Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet and Google.” 
Furthermore, Pichai drew near to $5 million under the head “Any remaining Compensation” which made his absolute remuneration about $7.4 million (generally Rs 52 crore). 


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10 Amazing Facts about ashish chanchlani. Bijli Ka Bill Tera Baap Bharega

Ashish Chanchlani is a YouTube content maker from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India. He is known for his YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, where he distributes satire recordings. He is a major fanatic of youtuber Dank Rishu.  Rishu is Father of Neon Man and Gareeb. Yeah you are right about our today’s topic 10 Amazing Facts about ashish chanchlani.
He is generally famous for his amazing parodies and comic Vines. He started his outing from Vine, and a while later continued forward to Instagram and subsequently finally to YouTube.
So Let’s Start Our Topic 10 Amazing Facts about ashish chanchlani. In this article We try to give Some information about ashish chanchlani.

Here are 10 Amazing Facts about ashish chanchlani.

1). Nickname of Ashish Chanchlani.

The YouTube star was brought into the world as Ashish Chanchlani yet became known by his Nickname Ashu which was given by his friends and family. That is so adorable to realize that he is being cherished by everybody! 

2). Favorite Actor Of Ashish Chanchlani.

Ashish Chanchlani met his Favourite one Bollywood Superstar, Shahid Kapoor when he was only 9 years of age. Shahid Kapoor visited his dad’s Theatre for the shoot of his presentation film ‘Ishq Vishq’. Also, you will be astonished to realize that Ashish worked in that film as well. 

3). Inspiration of Ashish Chanchlani.

Would you like to realize who is his real inspiration and motivation? In the event that yes… here we will break your interest as his genuine motivation is Akshay Kumar who is the Khiladi of the Bollywood entertainment world. 

4). Solid bonding with his Sister.

Here you will be wanted to realize that Ashish Chanchlani shares a solid bonding to his sister, Muskan Chanchlani who is likewise an incredible and effective Youtube star and runs her own channel where she transfers an assortment of stuff. 

5). Collaborated with Superstars of bollywood.

Numerous Bollywood biggies like; Shahid Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan, and others have teamed up with Ashish Chanchlani to advance their movies. That is splendid!

6). Belongs to Sindhi family.

Ashish Chanchlani is a Hindu yet comes from a Sindhi family. His dad, Anil Chanchlani is the proprietor of Ashok Anil Multiplex. While his mom, Deepa Chanchlani is a Financial Analyst at Multiplex. It sounds incredible! It appears to be that he has a place with a respectable and instructed family. 

7). Debut of Ashish Chanchlani on TV.

Here you will be astounded to realize that he isn’t only a YouTuber, yet a film and TV entertainer too. Indeed… believe it or not! In 2016, the multi-talented man made his TV debut ‘Pyar Tune Kya Kiya’ for which he got celebrated among the crowd.

8). Love to play Girl Character.

He loves to play girl role in his videos more than any other characters in his videos.

9). His videos is related to real life experience.

His Comedy Scene on his Youtube channel ashish chanchlani vines are what he experiences, in actuality.

10). Also Collab with Hollywood Stars.

Ashish Chanchlani also Met Hollywood Stars like Thor and Captain America, because loves So much watching him.


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10 unknown facts about bhuvan bam. bb ki vines

In case you are a youthful Indian with a association, it is practically incomprehensible that you haven’t knew about Bhuvan Bam , the  fellow guy commanly known by his channel name “BB Ki Vines“. bhuvan bam has been a latest sensation in YouTubers bunch with amazing support and watchers commitment on his youtube channel bb ki vines. Every Video is coming to around million points of view and a insane number of fans.
Bhuvan have Uncountable amount of Fans and popularity with the Different roles across the world. That’s why we are here some information about bhuvan bam.

So Let’s Start Our Topic 10 unknown facts about bhuvan bam.

Here are 10 unknown facts about bhuvan bam.

1). How he Starts his Career.

He used to sing in Moti Mahal Restaurant New Delhi at the beginning of his career. He used to work from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 12 pm for very nearly 2 years. Afterwards he began creating his own tunes. 

2). ‘BB’ First video on YouTube

He began his youtube venture with his first video named “The Chakhna Issue” back in 2014. That time the video just got 10-15 perspectives and constrained him to erase the video. 

3). First Youtuber to reach 10 million Subscribers in India.

He is the primary Indian YouTuber to arrive at 10 million Subscribers, subsequently, he turned into the most saw YouTube powerhouse in the country. 

4). Starts YouTube accidentally.

As indicated by a post on Quora, “BB ki Vines” was incidentally made while checking the front camera of his new Nexus phone. 

5). Launch date of channel ‘bb ki vines’.

He is the maker of youtube channel BB Ki Vines, dispatched on 20 June 2015, which nobody realized will turn into the most seen channel India. He is known as an entertainer, artist, guitarist, music arranger, video proofreader, and essayist. 

6). His first Song.

The absolute first Song by him was Pass hoon delivered on youtube direct ArtistAloud in 2014 

7). Invited in Ted Talks.

He was commended by the Hindustan Times at the main version of their Game Changer Awards and has been called at TEDxIIITD (At IIIT Delhi) and TEDxJUIT (At Jaypee University of Information Technology) where he discussed things identified with his prosperity and difficult work, which could move individuals. 

8). Haters of Bhuvan.

He got into a great deal of analysis from his haters because of his recordings containing a grown-up content. However the rundown of haters is way limited before the colossal mass of supporters that he is honored with. 

9). Role of Dr Sehgal is based on true events.

One of his famous series-Dr. Sehgal is really a genuine specialist whose center is directly close to his home. However he had numerous amusing encounters with him yet he is no place like the on-screen Dr. Sehgal. Bhuvan says he has just utilized his name and furthermore feel remorseful to do as such.

10). Bhuvan lost his Parents in the Second Wave of Covid 19.

Bhuvan lost his Parents in this pandemic Situation His Parents is Suffering from Covid, But unfortunately their bodies didn’t recover Successfully.


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