10 Unknown Facts About Neeraj Chopra. Golden boy of India.

Neeraj Chopra makes us proud. From being a normal guy to a gold medalist guy. How he changed his whole life let’s see in our Today’s article 10 Unknown Facts About Neeraj Chopra. Golden boy of India.


India has noway been an” calisthenics nation”. Despite having a1.3 billion strong population, the country does not follow calisthenics a great deal. Indeed among those who do, prospects of orders at the transnational stage are, at best, minimum.


Neeraj Chopra



But formerly in a while, bents crop so bright that they make the people in this justice-crazy nation take notice. One similar gift is the youthful Neeraj Chopra, who etched his name in calisthenics history by creating a world inferior record in theU-20 World Athletic Championship 2016 a record that still holds!

So let’s start our Today’s Topic 10 Unknown Facts About Neeraj Chopra. Golden boy of India.


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1). Neeraj Chopra’s first love wasn’t pikestaff. As a sprat, Neeraj used to enjoy spending time on the Volleyball court.



2). Former German pikestaff venture Uwe Hohn is presently guiding Neeraj Chopra. Hohn is the only athlete to throw a pikestaff 100 metres or further.



3). Neeraj Chopra was being counseled by Australia’s Garry Calvert during his major palm at the U20 World Crowns in Finland. Calvert passed away in July 2018 in Beijing due to a heart attack. Neeraj had been veritably pained at the passing and had twittered about the loss.

Chopra broke the public record with a gamble of87.43 m at the Doha Diamond League in 2018.



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4). He bettered his record at the 2018 Asian Games with a gamble of88.06 m to win the gold order.


5). This was India’s first gold in the pikestaff gamble at the Asian Games.



Neeraj Chopra


6). In 2021, Chopra formerly again broke his own public record with a gamble of88.07m.


7). The 24- time-old Neeraj Chopra is studying BA alternate time at Kurukshetra University. Since his palm in theU-20 crown in 2016, he’d been appointed Naib Subedar in the Indian Army.


8). Chopra registered a world record gamble of81.04 measures in the inferior order at the 2015 All IndiaInter-University Athletics Meet.

specially, this was his first gamble of over 80m.


9). Chopra also earned his maiden call- up for the public- position training camp in 2015. A time latterly, he set a world inferior record at the 2016 IAAF World Under- 20 Crowns(86.48 m) in Bydgoszcz( won gold).




10). Chopra hails from Khandra vill in the Panipat quarter of Haryana. piecemeal from being an athlete, he also serves as a Junior Commissioned Officer in the Indian Army with the rank of Naib Subedar. He first held the part in 2016.



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