How many Indian cricketer who played 150 ODI matches?

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How many Indian cricketer who played 150 ODI matches?

1). Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, who holds a large portion of the batting record, has scored in excess of 18000 runs in ODIs and has 49 centuries to his name. He was perhaps the best batsman of his age. Out of those 49 centuries, multiple times he went past the score of 150. 

2003 World Cup stays in the memory of each Indian cricket fan. Tendulkar was at his absolute best all through the competition. In a game against Namibia, Sachin and Ganguly shared a 246 run organization. Sachin played an innings of 152 off 151 balls. His thump included 18 limits. This was Sachin’s second 150+ score in ODIs 

2). Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, the ODI monster has three twofold hundreds of years in ODI by this day. The ‘Assassin’ Rohit Sharma, sometimes, has exhibited that he is a player who likes to score monstrous scores regularly. His first gigantic bang was itself an incredibly exceptional bang. 

He killed the Australian assault, shaking the bowling alley attack to hit a record-breaking 209 at Bangalore. His second 150+ score was, significantly more, extraordinary as he broke a generally established standard and plundered 264 batting against Sri Lanka. The cricketing scene was with apprehension about this incomprehensible world record. The most recent and his fourth 150+ innings came against Australia at the WACA. He stayed unbeaten at 171 and assisted India with moving past 300 in the essential innings. He as of late scored 152 runs against West Indies and turned into the main batsman to score the most number of 150 runs in ODIs.

3). Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla is the most reliable opener for South Africa. He has been an anticipated performer and doesn’t fall adequately. Hashim Amla has hit at least 150 pounds multiple times in his vocation. The dazzling stroke maker charges on the bowlers early and rules them convincingly. These bangs came against England, Ireland and West Indies exclusively. The most recent one came playing against Ireland at Canberra in the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. At whatever point solidified together, all his at least 150 score record to 462 continues to run at an ordinary of 231 runs for each match. Most astonishing bang out of the three being 159 that came against Ireland. 

4). Sanath Jayasuriya

The ‘Matara Mauler’ Sanath Jayasuriya scored 4 scores of 150 and more in his long ODI calling. His continuous collaboration was great for the ODIs and in 1996 World glass, by then boss Arjuna Ranatunga mentioning that he open the innings and as is ordinarily said, rest is history. Jayasuriya had the grant to seek after the shaking the bowling alley from ball one and he just to a great extent bombarded in doing his movement. His most imperative score was 189 versus India in last of 2000-01 Coca Cola prize in Sharjah. 

5). Chris Gayle

The attacking batsman from Jamaican Island has scored diverse tremendous scores in cricket around the associations. His 333 in Test and 175 in IPL are his thoughts. The most modern hopeful in the ODI twofold century club, Chris Gayle has 5 scores of somewhere around 150 in his name. Gayle is an extreme hitter with a mind-boggling bat and a style that suits the compelled over style. His most bewildering score was made actually against Zimbabwe in 2015 World holder, when he scored 215, the chief twofold hundred in just 138 balls, the fastest twofold century of all time. He has similarly scored 5 150+ Scores in ODI including a Double Century innings of 215. The really West Indian Player to score a 200 in ODIs 

6). David Warner

Pocket-sized explosive from Australia, David Warner is one of the most dangerous openers of the current age. He has scored near 4500 runs in ODIs and has scored 14 hundred in ODIs. He has a talent of scoring enormous hundreds. Out of those 14 hundred, five have been more than 150 runs. In 2002, against Srilanka, Warner scored 163 from 157 balls which included 13 fours and 2 sixes. In a gathering stage match against Afghanistan in 2015 World Cup, David Warner went all weapons bursting. He scored 178 from only 133 balls


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