Top 5 best upi apps in india for fast payment.

Wants to know Some of the best upi apps in india. Then you are at the right article because here you will get to know Top 5 best upi apps in india for fast payment.

Introduced in 2016, Unified Payments Interface (UPI) plays a vital part in enabling digital payments in India. UPI apps have helped Indians make cashless deals – an aspect that changed from simply a luxury to a necessity during the coronaviruspandemic.However, then are the top UPI apps you can use in India right now, If you ’re planning to start using UPI apps or are wondering if there are UPI apps that offer better features and experience.

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Here are the Top 5 best Upi apps in india for fast payment

1). PhonePe

PhonePe stands first in our list of stylish UPI apps in India. It’s a revolutionary app that made the Indian population start trusting and also making online mobile payments. PhonePe not only helps in making UPI payments but druggies can also recharge, make online bill payments, order food, shop,etc. all in just one app. As of November 2020, Phonepe has868.40 million deals in volume with Rs Cr in sale value.

PhonePe also provides colorful offers, prices, and cashback to its guests. Having one of the simplest interfaces with the safest and fastest online payment experience in India, PhonePe is surely one of the stylish payment app in India and better than utmost of the other UPI payment apps or internet banking services.

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2). Google pay

Google Pay, formerly known as Tez App, stands the biggest and stylish app in our list of stylish UPI apps in India. This app has accumulated a huge client base in India within a small time frame. And obviously, having a big brand name of‘Google’has helped this app to make trust among the new and living guests.

As of November 2020, Google pay has960.02 million deals in volume with Rs Cr in sale value. Using Google Pay, druggies can shoot plutocrat to musketeers, pay their bills, shop online, recharge, or pay at the near café,etc. through secure payment by Google.

Another most pleasurable part of using Google Pay is the “ Scratch cards”. Whenever the druggies make a new sale, they’re awarded a gift card in the form of a scrape card. After scratching the card, druggies can earn a gift in the form of plutocrat which directly gets credited into the registered bank account.

3). Paytm

Paytm is a relatively well- known mobile payment app in India. Along with Paytm Mall, it also offers Paytm Wallet and Paytm UPI (which was introduced in the time 2017). In simple words, we can call it a mega store due to the variety of products and services handed by this app.

Paytm druggies can perform nearly each and every exertion related to online payments on its app. And that’s why it’s clearly the most habituated payment app and is third in our list of stylish UPI apps in India. As of November 2020, Paytm has260.09 million deals in volume with Rs Cr in sale value.

From making online Payments to buying ménage particulars, groceries, IRCTC train ticket booking, machine & flight booking, movie tickets, LIC decoration payment, metro card recharge, buying gold, making loan payments, payinge-challans & further, everything can be done on this app.

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4). Amazon Pay

As of November 2020, Amazon pay is the fourth biggest app used for making UPI deals. Amazon pay got37.15 million deals in volume with Rs Cr in sale value in this month.

Having the big brand of Amazon surely helped Amazon Pay to gauge at such a fast pace in India within a small time frame. Also, having integrated with utmost shopping and payment gateways, along with stupendous cashback prices, Amazon pay has come the darling of the UPI payers recently.

5). BHIM App

BHIM app is the fifth most popular UPI apps in India. It’s launched and managed by Public Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is a UPI enabled the action to grease safe, easy & instant digital payments through your mobile phone.

As of November 2020, BHIM App has0.31 million deals in volume with Rs13.87 Cr in sale value.

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